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A Small Guide To Working On The Go

Working on the go. I’m talking not just working in a new city or a new place that you are basing yourself, but working on the go on a road trip. The type of situation where the adventure is strong, but the wifi can be weak.

Working on the go can be wonderful and you can feel on top of the world on a really great productive day! But it can also feel really stressful if you are hit with a long stretch of road with no cafes with Wifi in sight.


This transition from a normal 9-5 to a fully digital nomad life can be a huge adjustment. Even myself, having spent my whole adult life as self employed, it has taken some serious adjustments to the way I work when I am on the road or in a new city or juggling a whole host of new tasks, it can be tough.


My Tips for Working on the Go

The biggest pearl of wisdom I can provide from the experience is to break down each of your tasks, at the beginning of the week, into time slots. By knowing how much time each task or each aspect of a task is going to take, you have a to-do list ready and waiting for that 20min gas station cafe stop or that 2hr lunch stop off.

Finding ways to utilise those little gaps and getting on with your tasks, re training your brain to see those through eyes of potential. We are actually far more productive and focused as humans in shorter bursts of time.


Another great way of using this block method is to explore a new city. They say a change is as good as a rest so if you do have a chunk of days in a new place, try doing cafe blocks but rotating your cafe every 3hrs.

You can have your morning coffee at one place, move somewhere new for lunch, then spend your afternoon working in another. This can get costly depending on where you are, but I find it keeps me motivated AND I get to explore all the restaurants and cafes.


Note: If you are on a road trip and you have a lot of work you need to do while your co-pilot drives, I would recommend ensuring you have a fully comprehensive phone plan to be able to hotspot, or you can invest in a dongle so you can connect to the internet wherever you are.



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