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Wanderlust Travel Ideas for Post COVID Adventures

Travelling After Coronavirus | Now that we’ve got lockdown coming to what seems to be a bit of an end, we’ve started wondering what travelling after Coronavirus could entail.

As soon as restrictions were lifted in the UK on July 4th, a handful of people seemed to be on the first flights out. In the UK, ‘air bridges’ have been created between us and a number of countries. Meaning that, if we were to travel to any of these countries we would be exempt from quarantining on return to the UK.

We were not that eager, haha.

But as the potential of travel becomes ‘normal’ again, maybe it’s time to get eager…


Travelling After Coronavirus

Let me preface this by saying, if you are going to be travelling or going on any adventures please do make you’re doing so safely. Research what you are able to do according to your governments. Be safe, keep your distance, and all that jazz.

Although it’s exciting that travelling is becoming possible again, we don’t want to have to do this all over again come Winter. So please be cautious!


ANYWAYS, time for some adventure inspiration!!


UK Based Adventures


Always a firm favourite among Brits, and us too! There’s so much that there is potential for ALL of the adventures. If you’ve been cooped up in a city during Lockdown this may be the perfect break!

With Peter being based up in Manchester, he frequents the Lake District more than the rest of us and only ever has glowing recommendations!



This will involve a ferry, but they’re only short. The Isle of Wight is FULL of hidden gems and frankly we can’t wait to go back and find some more! Stick to the west side of the island to avoid crowds and find some truly stunning beaches – that’s always our go to.

If the weather’s good, you honestly would think you’re on an exotic beach holiday. Sign us up!



If you’re close to London and want an easy day out, here you go. It’s the epitome of British countryside and the walks look oh so dreamy!



No festival this year (although I didn’t manage to get tickets so, extremely selfishly, I’m somewhat glad haha), but Glastonbury extends beyond that. The mythical magic behind this place is extremely intriguing, so definitely worth the adventure soon!

Maybe even plan your own mini garden festival… I’m sure if you close your eyes it’ll be just like the real thing, right?!



We’ve not actually spent too much time here (shamefully), however the pictures look insane! Definitely another one to add to the list!



A special addition for Dad. Our Granny (Dad’s mum) loved it here so it’s a special place, one that Dad goes to at least once a year. So he’s already itching to get back this year!

It’s a small village designed to look like an Italian village, quite trippy considering you’re in Wales!


Outside of the UK Adventures


This has been so high on my travel bucket list for so long! Ever since we went to Iceland in 2015, I became obsessed with the landscape and in my obsession I stumbled across the Faroe Islands.

Will I make it this year? Who knows, but we’ll see.



Whether it’s a house in the middle of nowhere (or by the coast) in the South of France, or Paris I’ve really been itching to get back to France for some reason. We went a lot when we were younger and I thought I hated it, until I went back in 2019 and completely fell in love. So I’m definitely eyeing up potential trips here



I know during this global pandemic people may not be rushing back to Italy. But I do love Italy. We did a family road trip back in 2012, but there’s still a lot more places I’d LOVE to see. Maybe not my first go-to trip but definitely having it as a close consideration!



Broad, so I’m kind of cheating. However, I would happily visit any and all of the countries involved! Sweden isn’t on the UK’s air bridges list I don’t think, however I’ve been begging the entire family to do a Swedish Summer for well over a year now! Maybe next year…



If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of Euro City Breaks. Get me on the double decker tourist bus for a weekend and I’m sold! Haha. But in all seriousness, I’ve heard such amazing things about Prague that it’s definitely creeping up my travel list!



This is a very condensed list, I could go on and on about the travelling after coronavirus & the next adventures I want to go on. I’ve been thinking them up for 4 months now haha! However, I’m still very much aware of the situation of the World right now so don’t think its wholly responsible to go on all of the adventures above. That’s just me personally.

In the UK, we also have airbridges with places much further afield, like the places in the Caribbean and Australia/New Zealand etc. But something doesn’t quite sit well with me about travelling that far at this point.

Once things are slightly more back on track, they most definitely will be finding themselves on my travel bucket list!


Let us know if you’ve been on any local adventures & your experiences of travelling after coronavirus now travel bans are being lifted! We’d love to hear your recommendations!

I also apologise that this post is pretty UK biased, but that’s where I am at the moment so it’s all I can speak on!


I hope you’re all continuing to stay safe during these times!




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