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Travel Tips for Cuba

Travel Tips for Cuba

Cuba is most probably on everyone’s bucket list There’s something so unique and enchanting about it but often people don’t know how to prep for such a trip to the ‘unknown’ so, I’ve created this list of travel tips for Cuba based off my experience there last year.

‘Timeworn but magnificent, dilapidated but dignified, fun yet maddeningly frustrating – Cuba is a country of indefinable magic.’
(Lonely Planet)


So, on with my tips for Cuba!



Considering the way the world is, especially in first world countries, it’s easy to assume that you can use your card no matter where you are in the world. You would, at least in this case, be wrong. There’s only 3 ATMs in Havana, at least, that will dispense cash therefore my biggest tip to you would be CASH.

Preferably exchange for some Cuban pesos before you even arrive, so you’re stocked up and good to go once you land. This was definitely one of our errors.


Like using credit/debit cards, it’s easy to assume you would have access to internet in most places around the world – not Cuba. Although it’s definitely getting better, access to internet is very much limited. Try to download some offline apps you can use before you arrive, it will make it a lot easier for you (I’ll specify some of my favourites at the end of my list!).

A few of the larger hotels will allow you access to Internet for a fee, you can buy codes from them which give you a time allowance. So it may not be the easiest to access but it’s still there if you need it!



Quite simply, book one before you go (or an Airbnb – either way, sort it out beforehand). With the lack of internet it’s not as straightforward as arriving in the country and then sorting accommodation out after which can often get taken for granted. So yeah, just be a bit more prepared than we were!


A little, unexpected fee we ran into was on our initial journey to Cuba. As we were flying from Miami, i.e. the US, we had to pay for a particular permit (only $70 or so) but, again, if you’re a bit more organised and research exactly what you need dependent on where you’re flying from, you should be fine!




This app is great for when you’re visiting countries where you don’t speak the language, and where maybe English isn’t commonly used. It allows you to easily translate to make communication easier on both ends! Useful for all around the world not just Cuba!

Cuba Travel Guide by Triposo

This is an offline app, specifically tailored to help you when travelling around Cuba. it helps you discover hidden gems, you may otherwise miss, save certain places (like your hotel etc) so you can easily navigate to and from key destinations. It also provides you with maps and a variety of other things that just makes your trip a little easier!



This is a new app we’ve recently discovered, actually Dad introduced it to us. It allows you to exchange currencies at unbelievably good rates, the best bit being you don’t incur exchange fees from your bank. It’s especially useful when converting slightly larger sums of money.



So that’s it for my top travel tips for Cuba! I hope you enjoyed these, and if you have any please let us know for next time!

Be sure to keep looking around our website and blog where you can find out more about digital nomads, and how you could find yourself travelling to places like this all around the world. It’s a decision I made that I will never regret!


Until next time!



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