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Travel Essentials For Flights

Travel Essentials

Okay!! Lets talk travel essentials!
Every person has their own routine or system when travelling or packing or preparing to travel.
This is usually something that is refined over time, trip by trip, learning what makes life easier or more comfortable when traveling.

So, here are some of our personal hacks when it comes to travel, be it short or long distance.



When it comes to luggage, it is so important to be able to compartmentalise everything so that you know exactly what is where when you reach your destination.

Many people are minimal travellers and prefer to not take anything other than a handbag or rucksack as their hand luggage, which is absolutely your prerogative.
However, there have been a few times that our luggage has been lost and you land in a different country with nothing to tide you over while they locate your luggage.
Yes, airlines do often offer a per diem to compensate you but you HAVE to ensure you get this before leaving the airport at your destination or it can be a little laborious to actually receive this compensation, and quite frankly, its a lot of hassle which we are sure the airlines bank on when this happens.

So consequently, especially if you are getting straight off the plane and into meetings or plans, we like to pack a wheel hand luggage with all the essentials you would need for a few days in the new climate.

Some may say this is paranoid packing, but it relieves the worry of ‘what if my luggage gets lost’ and you don’t have to hinder any of your plans on landing speaking to the airline for two hours trying to negotiate compensation.

Good essentials include underwear (obviously) a few options for outfits (up to 3 days worth), and essential toiletries (in your clear plastic bag so they’re easy to remove for security).
Also, anything that you REALLY love or that is particularly expensive, pop it in there for good measure!



Hand Luggage

– Refillable water bottle

Because, we are saving the planet and the number of single use plastics on planes is so excessive, getting the air stewards to fill up your water bottle is much better for reducing that waste and also, it has a larger capacity which means more hydration!
Flights dehydrate you so much, so you should actually be drinking MORE water than you would in a normal day.

Which brings me to my next essential..


– Chia seeds!

Now, you may ask “why on EARTH would I travel with chia seeds!?” bare with me!!
Chia seeds hold 10-12 times their weight in water, forming a gel like consistency, which means, slower movement through your gut, which means more water absorption throughout the duration of the flight which is perfect for long haul flights!
So all you do is pop about a tablespoon of chia seeds in your water when you get through security, and let them soak for about 15-20 mins. Then you sip on that water throughout the first portion of the flight.
It is kind of like a frogspawny look/consistency, but when you get over that, it is SO worth it!!!
You don’t experience nearly as many ‘post flight’ side effects and we’ve found that staying hydrated can actually really help with jet lag!!



– Another jet lag tip is to not eat the food on the plane.

If its a really long flight, you can use it as a fasting day to give your body a rest and just drink water and herbal teas. Some may feel this is extreme, and please consult a doctor before fasting, but by not eating on the plane you don’t reprogram your body clock.
Also, because of the pressure on the plane, think about what the pressure does to your plastic water bottle, that is what is happening to your organs, so digestion isn’t nearly as affective and the food just sits in you which can cause gas and bloating and discomfort.
Again, this is something we have tried and have found to help, but you know your body so do what works for you.

travel essentials

My potentially excessive, but personally necessary pillow of choice when flying


– A really great pillow and pajamas!!

This is mainly for long haul flights but comfy clothes with minimal seams and zips or buttons is key to comfort and getting your sleep in.
We have been known to bring slippers too so you’re not constantly taking shoes on and off when walking the aisles or going to the bathroom.
Flight socks, no matter what age you are, are always a great addition to your pajamas to ensure circulation flows.
Then yes, the better the pillow, the better the sleep!!
Pretty simple.
Comfort is KEY on flights to ensure you are making the most of your time at your destination!


Those would be definitely my own personal travel essentials for flights, along with some of the rest of the Digital Nomad Family’s travel essentials too.
We would love to know… What are your travel essentials?




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