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A Beginner’s Guide To Working Remotely

‘Working remotely’, ‘remote work’ and ‘working from home’ are buzzwords being thrown around a lot at the moment. Having been digital nomads, and therefore working remotely, for almost 8 years now, we thought we’d bring you some tips for working remotely!


Tips for Working Remotely

Create a Routine

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of working remotely. People have this image of remote workers/digital nomads that they can run around freely doing whatever, and to an extent they do. But to ensure you’re getting work done and keeping on top of it, a routine is KEY.

The best part is though, this is a routine to suit YOU. Figure out how you want to break down your work, your ‘non-negotiable’ as Lara likes to call them (e.g. meditating, having your morning coffee, exercising, eating dinner at the table with your friends/family). Figure out what needs doing in a day, and write it down in a schedule that suits YOU.

It’s completely flexible and personal to ensure you can fulfil your needs and keep happy and motivated.

I find that a routine helps you maintain your purpose, you know what you’re doing and when, so you have no excuses. You feel productive, and as I say motivated too – which is all just a big fat win-win really isn’t it?!


Get Outside !!!

I beg you, please go outside. It makes ALL the difference.

If you’ve got a dog, go and play with them in the garden for half an hour. Take a stroll. If it’s warm, go and lie in the Sun for a bit. Go and read a book. Just get some fresh air.
Just do something outside, that’s not work related, for even just 20 minutes. I promise you it truly will make all the difference.



Again this is completely flexible depending on your preference. It could be taking a walk outside (see previous), doing yoga, HIIT workouts on YouTube, a mini weights workout if you’ve got weights, going on a run. Just doing something to get your heart rate up will boost your mood, help get you out of ‘work mode’ for a bit.

Plus it’s exercise, it’s always good to do. You’ll reap the benefits in some sort of way.


Find an Office

Obviously I’m not expecting you all to empty out a room in your home and do an extreme makeover to create this epic office. Although, if that’s what you want to do, by all means go for it.

What I mean is find a workspace. Find somewhere that is dedicated to work. Not your bed, not your sofa. Somewhere that’s for working so you know that when you sit down there, you know you’re going to work.

Working from bed doesn’t work, I promise. I’ve tried it many times. You will not be your most productive.

As I say, it doesn’t need to be some elaborate space, just a nice little area that is for work. It will make it easier for you to divide your spaces up like this so that you can properly switch off in your down time, and properly switch on during work hours.



Because we all need snacks when we’re working.

Make sure you have access to beverages too, whether its coffees to get you through you first couple hours of work or beers to get you through the last. Snacks and beverages are always essential.


As many of us continue to work remotely during this time, we want to help as much as we can. So if you’re having any particular struggles with working from home, or you need more tips for working remotely then please let us know!!
As I say, we have 8 years worth of tips at the ready!


All of us at DNF hope you, your family and friends are all ok during this chaos and we’re sending our love to you all!




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