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Things to Do in Porto, Portugal

Things to do in Porto, Portugal

I had never been to Porto before, quite frankly I never thought it would be somewhere I would go – there’s many other places that have found themselves above it on my list. However, after browsing the good old internet of the top places to go in Europe I found that it found itself onto every single list. So I thought why not, it’s had to ignore a place that comes up on those kinds of lists so often! And, now, having been I would truly recommend it to anyone and if you are going, or want to go here are my top things to do in Porto.


The trip began with the usual protocol for short trips, some Airbnb accommodation and some cheap RyanAir flights, and off we went! When booking your accommodation I would really try to get it as close to the centre as your budget allows – especially if you’re going for a shorter period of time. It takes away a lot of transport worry and just means you have a good base to allow you to get and around and explore a place a lot more easily.


One of my absolute top things to do in Porto, not even just Porto but anywhere that has one, is the classic double decker tour bus. I’m very much a fan of these buses and I use then whenever and wherever I can, yet the kids still question it sometimes! I think it’s a great wait to see a lot of a place in a small amount of time and allows you to learn a lot more about the culture and nature of a place when you don’t have the time per say to simply roam around the streets. (I’ve always found somewhere on these tours that I would never have even known to look out for if I didn’t use the tour buses and I’ve never been disappointed with them either!)

The bus points out various destinations and activities to do as you go around and so it makes it even easier to figure out where you want to go and where you want to avoid too. SO that’s what we did and we were able to really fine-tune our agenda for the few days we were there.


As we were in Porto, where else to go than the port that makes & exports Port, the drink (at least it used to) – sort of a when in Rome type scenario I guess! But the port itself was lovely, great views and a great atmosphere so definitely would recommend taking a visit if you can!


Whilst on the tour bus, we also decided we wanted to see the Old Town and the beach, because if there’s a beach you should always go and the Old Towns are always fun to go and see because you see a different side to the city and they can be quite refreshing compared to the more commercial tendencies of city centres – depending on what city you’re in of course.

Both locations were, again, lovely to roam around and simply explore and both something I would definitely recommend trying!


Luckily because of our central location we managed to find a local square that did some amazing food. So we often found ourselves there for dinner and/or lunch, with a range of food that’s more than likely to satisfy everyone you’re travelling with!


A little ‘secret’ of the Digital Nomad Family, or just me, that you may not know is that we/I collect Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses. I’m not quite sure where it started or why it started, but we’ve now got quite the collection from all over the world and now Porto can be added to that list! Hard Rock Cafes are another thing I will always do (like the double decker tour buses) that the kids sometimes take a little more convincing – but it’s rarely a bad time, and for a one of while you’re away it won’t do any harm!



I would highly recommend Porto as a city break, you probably could stay for longer but we felt as though we managed to do everything we wanted to at no rush within a few days. Personally I found it was almost a smaller version of Lisbon as Portuguese cities go, but also almost a mix of Florence and Venice – so if you like it there, you may like Porto too! So definitely one I would urge you to consider if you are in or near the area! And hopefully these things to do in Porto might help keep you occupied while you’re there!


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Until Next Time!

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