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The ‘Entrepreneur’ Diet

When we think of the word ‘diet’ our minds automatically go to food, as opposed to anything to do with an entrepreneur or digital nomads, for that matter. It’s usually restriction of food, in order to lose weight.


But let’s just reframe that a second.

How about instead of using the notion of food, let’s turn it to consumption.
What do you consume on a daily basis?
And how does it affect your daily bodily function?
Your mental function?
Your emotional stability?
The white noise?


When I say white noise, I mean, all the other things that float around in your surroundings, whether its TV, radio, peoples conversations, advertisements, newspapers, anything that sits in your subconscious and affects you, without you even realising.


Why am I talking about all of this you may ask?

Well, diet is not just the food we put in our body. Although that is important for your peak performance as an entrepreneur/office worker/human-being.
It’s the things we read, the music we listen to, our friends opinions, our colleagues conversations, the news. It’s everything we digest throughout the day.


It is all habit.

The wonderful thing about habits, is that you can always change them to serve you better. It’s just as easy as switching your daily burger for a salad with grilled chicken. Trade in your radio for a mind expanding pod-cast on a topic of your choice.
Even trade in the radio for a curated playlist of your own that you KNOW will set you on a high for the day. Dance around your kitchen in the morning listening to it, whatever gets you going each morning. 


Those people in the office who are ALWAYS gossiping in the staff area? Take 10 outside in a park with your mid morning coffee instead and take time to be present in nature. Create mental peace. 


YOU have the choice every day to set your mood and control what you consume, visually, audibly, sensory, nutritionally. What do you choose today?



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