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est 2012

Stop Procrastinating, Now

Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating – Easier said than done, I know.



We all do it at some point or a another.
Some of us are better at procrastinating than others.

But, what we have found is that people procrastinate for two reasons (generally) when you really dig deep to the root of it.
It’s all very well saying that people procrastinate because they simply don’t want to do something.
I don’t mean, procrastinating taking the bins out because you don’t want to, that is merely a case of other things you WANT to do taking precedence, or just laziness. (Not preaching, just saying, we’ve all been guilty of it haha)


I mean the big stuff.
To the little steps you are taking, which you KNOW will lead you to the big stuff, but you just keep putting them off. 


There are so many things we can do to build those great habits that lead to high vibe feelings and give us that pep in our step that make us feel like we can take over the world.
So why do we resist them?


Why do we resist making that healthier food choice?
Clearing out the office to create a more productive work space?
Sending the awkward email?
Setting up that meeting for our dream job?
Reaching out to that contact you know will be great for starting your new business?


Why do we resist? Why do we procrastinate?



Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of judgement. 


Often when we want something SO much, and it goes against the odds, we fall into a place of fear and doubt.
Our whole physical human makeup is build to protect us, so it’s almost like our brains put up the fear barrier to protect us from these other negative feelings.
‘It’s better to be safe and comfortable, rather than venture out of our comfort zone and risk getting burned.”
That almost goes back to primal conditioning.

But that is all it is.

Which can be re-written and recalibrated by YOU. 



Will Smith did a skydive and the video went viral.
On it he says;


“Fear is not real.
The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.
It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist.
That is near insanity.
Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.”



Some of the most AMAZING adventures of your life are on the other side of fear.
And the first step to conquering those?
Recognise when you are procrastinating.

Break down WHY you are procrastinating.
When you understand why you are behaving in a certain way and are able to assess consciously where that resistance is coming from, by acknowledging it, you can overcome it.


As I said at the beginning, it’s easier said than done to stop procrastinating – but it is possible, I promise.




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