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Speaking from Authenticity and Truth

One of the best pieces of advice, I think I’ve ever been given came from my Dad when we were sat over dinner, discussing my love life at the time, and he turned and said to me:

“You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”


Which has stuck with me ever since, and I’ve ran with it applying it to, well, pretty much everything in life.

I used to be more aware of the impact of what I was saying on the other person. I would allow this to take over, meaning that I wouldn’t express myself authentically, and get across how I was feeling about a certain situation.

Whether it was building anxiety about saying that I couldn’t attend a casting or job to an agent, to expressing to a friend that I didn’t feel up to going out for drinks or socialising, to telling a guy how I felt about them.

But then this small piece of advice really resonated.

Now, I just need to clarify and refine it slightly before potentially starting a movement of freedom of speech which goes a step too far!


“You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, if it comes from a place of love, rather than fear.”



This is a topic I often talk about, love vs fear.

The more you delve into it, the more relevant it is.

The person you are speaking to will always hear the message that they were meant to hear.

This will largely be down to their mental state/vibration/outlook at the time you are speaking to them. But, if you come from a place of love, making sure that you are speaking from a place without ego or without prejudice, you are expressing yourself authentically, which will mean that you feel SOOOO much better about how you’ve communicated, leaving no room for any anxiety or worry.

If, however you are coming from a place of fear, fear for what the person will say, fear of how they will react, fear of rejection, fear of judgement, you are setting the baseline for the interaction at an unstable frequency.

When you communicate from this place, there is all kinds of room for error. Because, when that person sees the underlying flags of uncertainty, or self doubt, they become aware of their own human flaws, and it can often create a tension, or provoke a defensive reaction, where they fire back at you.

Know, that this reaction, is not AT you, its FOR you.

They are reflecting back to you where you are falling short.


Taking control of your emotions is one of THE MOST powerful things you can do.

Knowing they each interaction you have with another person is teaching you something about yourself and the energy you are putting out there.

This isn’t a question of blame. Its about looking inside yourself, and making those adjustments, so that you aren’t touched by conflict, or clouded by other peoples judgements or reactions to you.

You are harnessing your power, doing the work, to be the bet version of yourself that you can be.

SO, focus on love, if you don’t feel like you are getting through to others around you, maybe its time to reflect and look inwards.

Because most of the time, it is you who is the common denominator, which therefore gives YOU the power to change your own reality and make it serve you.



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