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Social Media & #instapressure

Social Media & Instapressure

Instapressure may be getting a bit too real…


Social media!
It’s both a blessing and also a curse in modern society.
Now, don’t get us wrong, we think it’s a great way to make the world a little smaller. For like-minded people across the globe to connect. To enable friends and families, like ours, to keep in touch and up to date with what we are all up to on travels far and wide.


It is so saturated.
Saturated with perfect images, of perfect looking people/relationships/scenes/locations that are so perfect, they almost appear dream like.
Saturated with everyone’s highlight reels. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing, as we all enjoy scrolling over our instagrams just as a reminder of what life looked like, one year, two years, five years ago.
Taking a trip down memory lane and delving into old Facebook albums.

It’s something we are all guilty of.



However, this can result in something we like to call ‘the comparison complex’.

The comparison complex is the complex that you can develop from comparing your life as it is, in this moment, to the lives of others on social media, and even to our own lived when we were happier/younger/slimmer/healthier etc etc.

THIS is what can be toxic in social media.
Because we are constantly looking at the ‘highs’ of people’s highlight reels, we forget that life comes in ups AND downs, and we often forget that.
This can create a culture of people constantly trying to ‘keep up with the Jones”, which amps up the ‘pace’ of social media life.

And what we mean by that is, whether you are running an online business and needing to show up on social media for promotion, or you just use it recreationally, there can feel like there is a pressure to post.
Whether that is pressure or addiction, we will leave that to you to decide where you stand on that scale, but it can be very difficult to detach.
Then because of this pressure and all the rumours of algorithms changing, posting daily became a necessity and its watered down the quality of content out there.



Now, I know that we fell into this as well, thinking that posting consistent content was the way forward in a push to drive our family business forward.
But, actually, we had a family meeting the other day, and all showed up to the table with the same comments/view on this.
Quality over quantity.


And it sounds so silly trying that out right now, but we got so caught up in the feeling of the need to deliver and ‘keep up with the Jones”, that pictures just became pictures to post.
Every single picture has a story behind it.
An adventure behind it.
Or some kind of epiphany or life lesson or business learning.

So why were we not taking the time to share that?

To share our journey in growing our family business with you, the people who take the time to follow and like and read our posts.


So this is us, not only vowing to you to show up authentically and share the ups and downs of our journey in building an online family business that grants us the freedom to travel and live in freedom of borders and boundaries.
But it is to encourage you to do the same.
If you are feeling that pressure to post, the instapressure.

What do you want to say. Even if you touch the life of one person, make one person laugh, or think today.
Commit to authentic expression.



We would love to hear any feedback you may have on this, what your opinions are on instapressure or even know anything you would like to hear from us!
So please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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Until next time!




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