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Overvalued vs Undervalued: Winning vs Improving

Learning to Celebrate the Small Wins

How often do you celebrate your wins?

Often when we set huge life goals, we become so fixated on the winning that we completely dismiss the beauty in the journey.
When we become so fixated on the goal, we can forget to be grateful for the small moments, the small wins along the way, the improvements.

If we can recognise our improvements: The moments in the day where we move the needle a little closer… The moments where we are a little better than we were the day before. More committed to yourself…

If we can recognise and celebrate those moments, THAT is what gains momentum!
That is what gets you to a place of winning.

If we are constantly hard on ourselves, giving ourselves a tough time for not ‘winning’ all the time, then it makes winning an uphill battle.

If you can appreciate the moments in between, the small wins, that make you feel like you are winning every single day, it is acknowledging THOSE that accelerate your journey to your big wins.

Without appreciating where you are at, you can’t take the junction to where you are going.

Examples of ‘small wins’:

– Signing one new client.
– Drinking your 2l quota water for the day.
– Getting out of bed and working out instead of snoozing as per normal.
– Integrating your business systems.
– Getting excited about a new branch or offering in your business.


Pop a bottle of Prosecco and celebrate your wins of the week, watch how quickly you reach your goals!




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