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Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

It may sound dramatic, but I promise you, silence is golden.



“Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.”

Khalil Gibran – The Prophet



I remember as a child, I’m not sure how old I would have been, actively trying to think of nothing.


I wanted to see if I could switch my thoughts off.
So I would think of the colour black, or white and try to fill my mind with that colour so that there was no space for anything else.


This memory popped back into my head the other day and it reminded me of two things.



Firstly, how intuitive children actually are!
The things that I do today that fill me with so much joy, are the things that I loved doing or was fascinated with as a child.


And secondly, how good it feels to relish in silence.
In your own silence.
Just you.
No thoughts.

Just totally present.



It made me think about how, something I was craving at a young age, is now such a big part of my life and how much I can often take it for granted, when life picks up pace.


When you are running an online business, and creating your own schedule, I’ve found it is so important to take the time to be silent, to clear your thoughts, to create space for inspiration and clarity.


Silence… Presence… The joy of a moment in your own company… Meditation… Feeling into your body at that time.
Understanding, where in your body needs attention, and what that could mean or be reflecting in your mental state.


The answers are always within.



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