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How To Shift Your Energy During Self Isolation & Quarantine

Whether you are self employed and used to working from home, or have recently been thrust into the world of nomad life due to COVID-19, I wanted to pop in and give you some ways that you can shift your energy during self isolation.

Being cooped up inside, within the same familiar walls can drive you a little stir crazy, all you need to do is take a look at people’s Instagram stories to see the wonderful ways people are entertaining themselves. Many of you may be sitting and working on your laptop, or sitting and watching more TV and Netflix.

This can cause a stagnation of energy which is self perpetuating and can result in you feeling like you actually have no energy, will power or drive to do the things you REALLY want to do during this quarantine. So here are some ways that you can shake things up, and generate your own energy to really make the most out of this time.


Self Isolation Tips


A Change is as Good as a Rest

Change your environment. If you’ve been migrating to the same area of your home, change it up. Humans are creatures of habit so it can be very easy to fall into a pattern. However, by changing where you choose to do your work or relax throughout the day, it can give you a renewed source of energy and pep.


Dance it Out

If you are losing momentum during self isolation (it’s easy to do), put ONE song (minimum) that you LOVE. Put it on FULL blast and bounce and dance around to it. Kids love this so you can also make it into a family activity if you are home with your children. Be playful. Get inspiration from your kids, and channel your inner child. Move to whatever and wherever feels good in your body. I promise you that you’ll feel ready and raring to go.

Move that Body

Exercise. Any kind that lights you up. Whatever gets the blood pumping. Whether you have ordered weights to your home for home workouts, resistance bands, core balls, pilates, yoga, HIIT training, etc. Whatever it is that gets your heart racing, do it. As humans, we are not sedentary beings, we were made to move, so MOVE. There are so many companies, gyms and fitness influencers offering free workout videos and routines at the moment so it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Make the most of it.

Get Some Fresh Air

I know different Countries and States have different rules and varying stages of lockdown. Whether you can open a window and just close your eyes and breathe fresh air, or whether you can get to your local park or beach and get your bare feet on the ground and really connect to nature and notice your breath as you walk. It can work WONDERS. Many people have been getting into the great outdoors at this time, many who don’t usually make it a priority, and it is BEAUTIFUL to see. But just ensure that you use your common sense and adhere to social distancing etiquette so we can get this virus under wraps! If your chosen nature destination is packed and you are unable to social distance responsibly, then why not explore a new destination? Or head back at a different time when its less busy. Take responsibility for yourself.


It’s a weird and difficult time at the moment, so we’re dedicating the next few weeks to providing you with content that will hopefully making this chaos a little easier <3

Until next time!

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