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Healing. Growth. Purpose.

Self Improvement | Healing. Growth. Purpose.

We could all look to a little self improvement every now and then, whether that be breaking a bad habit or challenging yourself.
A little bit of self improvement helps you heal from the past, grow as a person and helps you to determine your purpose.

Basically, a little self improvement never hurt anyone.



Understanding who you are, why you behave a certain way.

That is integral.


Too many people live in wilful ignorance and acceptance of what is comfortable to them.

They become “who they are” through conditioning, what they’ve learned about themselves through the eyes of others, who they’ve been told they are. So few are prepared to do the work and strip back the layers to see who they truly are.

The person they are without constraints, without judgement for themselves or others, without prejudice, hate, resistance.

Who are you at your very core?!

Have you ever cared to peel back the surface to see? Been tempted to delve into a little self improvement?

To see if you removed every piece of negative conditioning, or rather, if you UNDERSTOOD, your own behaviour and were able to see past that, impartially, who would you be.


Healing is hard.


It’s painful.

Anyone who’s ever broken a bone or had surgery or has healed from illness will know, the physical and mental strength that is needed to get through that.

Now, it’s second nature, it’s automatic for our bodies to heal themselves, so why do we ignore our psyche? Our habits? Who we are as people?

None of us are perfect.

We are all inherently flawed, that’s what makes us human and gives us that contrast and therefore space to grow.


So where is all the curiously for growth?


Growth. Healing. Purpose.

Why are we here?!

It is naive to think we are just here to live and die.

Whatever your religious beliefs, whether you believe in Big Bang theory, evolution, do you not want your life to have purpose? Beyond what you experience in your lifetime?!


By shifting the energy and focus of the planet and opening up to the realisation of our purpose on this earth is to grow and to learn and to become better, this creates an energy shift.


So many people are complaining about the state of the planet but they are doing nothing about it.


Whether politics or environmental change, people aren’t doing the work to support their views.

People don’t realise that change starts within them.

One person at a time.

Shifting their energy, shifting their focus to the bigger picture.


This is what creates change.


A crashing wave doesn’t start as it’s tall mighty powerful self, it starts as a gust of wind, which causes ripples on the surface of the ocean. This grows, and grows and builds power which can eventually can create destruction of coastlines, rocks, things that we may deem as solid and sturdy.

So why not put our individual efforts into making change within ourselves.

Become optimistic, see how that affects your daily life, your choices, your decisions.


See the good in people.



The other day I was walking with my sister down the high street and a blind man was desperately calling out to passers by “help me, please help me, can anyone help me” we ran to his aid, walked him to his bus stop and chatted about his day, what he was up to, he told us he was going to the gym and that the “Gym and I had never been great friends”.

All he needed was an arm for guidance as he’d been disoriented en route.

I watched at least ten people pass him by before we were able to get to him. It broke my heart. My eyes are welling up even writing about this. Because, what happened?!

Where did WE get so lost, as humans that someone is crying out for help, desperation in his face and no one stops.

Imagine if you needed help and no one would listen due to fear that you may harm them or that they may be late for their appointment or whatever it is that’s holding them back from coming to your aid.

We need to remember we are all human.

We need to find that common ground, that human nature that connects us all.


Together, we can move mountains.

Alone, we are just that, alone.



By healing ourselves, and connecting to our human nature, divine spark that links us all, firstly, we will never be alone.

We will not be alone because we realise that other humans are here to love and support us, we just need to let them in.

We can do this, by working on ourselves.

Why do we have this fear, this resistance to others, or helping others?


Ask yourself.. Who am I?

Who do I want to be?

How can I change to be the best version of myself?




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