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Remote Working

What is Remote Working?

Remote Working is a situation in which employees work outside of an office (e.g. at home) and communicate with their employers via telephone, email or online systems.

Essentially, as long as there’s a Wi-Fi connection, you can work anywhere.

Working in a 9-5 or in an office job comes with a lot of ties, location-wise and time-wise.

Remote working opens up HUGE potential for time and financial freedom, as well as creating a lot more flexibility in your life.

Remote Working

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Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is doing what you want, being who you want, and following your true path without worrying about money.

But how is it possible?

– Financial intelligence is crucial.

– Understanding how to generate a smart income, and knowing how to have that money work for you and your lifestyle is essential.

– It is an awareness of how money works and how to make the most of it.


In order to become financially ‘free’ you must first determine where you are now, where you want to be, what vehicle is going to get you there and what changes you need to make.

remote working

Time Freedom

We all have the same amount of time each day, and once it’s gone it’s gone.

We can’t beg, borrow or steal any more – when our time’s up, it’s up.

So when we’re so strapped for time, why would you want to miss anything because you were helping someone else build their dreams instead of focusing on your own?

You don’t have to be stuck in an office, working 9 to 5 to earn money anymore. It’ what society tells you to do – not if you don’t want to. The possibilities available that mean you can fit work into your schedule, and spend the rest of your time simply living.

We figure that time freedom is having the freedom to live a life worth living.



With a potent combination of time freedom, financial freedom and flexibility you can quite literally do what you want, when you want.

As long as there’s an internet connection, we can work wherever we are in the world.

This flexibility allows us to go wherever we want, whenever we want, for however long we want. It’s allowed us to completely immerse ourselves in different cultures and ways of living, without the worry that we’re using our life savings and will be coming home to nothing.

And all of that is possible for you too, once you’ve put in the groundwork. Believe us, it’s worth it.

Think Different


Remote working can be a lot to navigate when you start.

Finding the motivation to sit down and work in a space that isn’t an office with your boss watching over your shoulder can be hard. Especially, if you’re in an epic location and all you want to do is explore. Even at home it can be hard, little distractions creep up and take your focus.

However, once you find your method, you’ll be thriving.

become a digital nomad

We very much understand it is a massive privilege to be able to work in such a way, especially up to now.

However, we truly do believe working this way is a game changer and is only going to become more popular. So we want to help you to make sure you can make the most of it! Learning to work productively so you can maximise your time and have you’re perfect setup.

Working remotely follows a similar principle to creating your own Lifestyle Business. It’s about setting up and creating a life, or way of living, that’s based completely around you.

Tailored to you and only you.

Next Steps

What Do I Need to Do?

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