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Our Journey So Far | Digital Business System

Our Journey So Far…

Our journey all started when Dad met Stuart Ross at a Digital Entrepreneur Dinner in 2012 at the Docklands, London. They got to talking and with in 24 hours, Dad signed us all up for Six Figure Mentors (SFM) in September 2012. Funnily enough it was in a Costa Coffee, if you’ve been to the UK you’ll understand, in Farnham, Surrey.

It was around the time Stuart was merging his business with Jay Kubassek. Initially, Dad bought into Stuart and his innovative approach to marketing and then when he met Jay, it was Jay’s incredible passion and soul that led to him starting our journey.


Lara and I travelled to meet Stuart too, allowing us to discuss the opportunities SFM held for us: the training, the coaches and the automated resources. I have to say, it was impressive stuff.

There were lots of reasons Dad bought into it aside from Stuart and Jay themselves. Initially it was to help his own business, AIM Internet, but that story is for another time and one that will more likely come from Dad, it is his business after all!. Before we joined, we had a discussion as a family and all agreed the world is/was changing fast – and it still is now, maybe even quicker than it was then. We are in the midst of a digital revolution that will transform the world and the way we work in the future, even more than it has done already. We discussed our Grandad’s generation, having a job for life with one company and the fact we will probably have to reinvent ourselves a numerous amount of times in the future in order to sustain an income.

If you are in a hurricane the safest place to be is in the middle of it, so we all decided to go for it head first and begin to develop our digital skills with the Digital Business System that we use now, and have done since that very day in September 2012.


Dad had always drummed into us about the importance of travelling, especially whilst we’re young. He always tells the story of how at dinner parties and industry black tie functions he would always ask the question if you won the lottery what would you do. People mentioned a they would buy new car or get slightly bigger house, but in every case they all mentioned travel. The freedom to do what they wanted, when they wanted and travel were at the top of the list.


Our first opportunity, on our journey, to use our recently developed digital skills came with my sister Lara and Bry (her flat mate at the time). They ended up going into business together and that’s where Hudson Portfolios was born. Lara built the site in WordPress after going through the SFM 101 training and she also built a Facebook page. She then started driving traffic with Dad’s help using Google PPC and Facebook adverts after he had a couple of online training sessions with Greg and Fiona Scott (Gold level coaches from SFM). Greg and Fiona are an amazing couple who are living their dream of a laptop lifestyle, travelling the world visiting fellow SFMers, utilising Airbnb and staying in fantastic places they otherwise couldn’t have dreamed of. They earn their money from their online business and by coaching SFM members via Skype from anywhere in the world. It’s exactly we were all aiming for on our journey to becoming digital nomads.


Over the past 5 and a bit years our journey has got even more exciting.


Since 2012, Hudson Portfolios is now no more. But for very good reasons! Both Lara and Bry, despite growing the business amazingly during their 5 or so years together, they had decided it was what they wanted anymore – they both wanted to opt more so toward the nomadic lifestyle. Hudson still gave them an amines amount fo freedom, but still required them to be in London more than they wanted. So, although our first little brainchild is over, we’ve got plenty more on their way! Hudson was a great way to learn just how to put in what we learnt with SFM and what we could now do slightly differently.

We’ve been able to achieve a lot, and travel all over the world in our past 5 years using this Digital Business System, and we are very much looking forward to the projects we are currently working and for what’s to come in the future!


We did the best thing we could have done almost 5 and a half years ago, by trusting our gut, diving in heads first and embracing everything that was thrown at us. It can be scary if not terrifying to jump into something – not necessarily knowing how it’s going to turn out – but that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help make this process easier for you, providing you with our full support throughout your journey. We’re proof that it works, so hopefully that eases your fear – even if only a little!




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