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Mindset of a Digital Nomad

So what is the Digital Nomad Mindset?

If you’re going to change your life, you’re going to have to shift your current mindset a little bit. For digital nomads, you will have to reassess the current sociological norms and stereotypes. You will have to question them, and deduce why it is that you have lived in such a ‘typical’ manner for so long. We all know it, that 9-5, zombified lifestyle where you live to work, desperately earning and trying to save money. All while not really having any time to do anything with it. You will have to challenge yourself and really consider whether what you have now is still working for you. More importantly, whether you are willing to make the effort required to change it.

Let’s start at the beginning. In order to become a ‘digital nomad’, you need to readjust your view of the world and develop a Digital Nomad mindset.

So, where are you now?
Be honest.


Do you want to:
  • Work for yourself.
  • Work when you want to.
  • Retire young.
  • Buy everything you want.
  • Be the boss.
  • Make lots of money.
  • Have freedom to not do what you don’t like doing.


Or, do you want:
  • Others to work for you.
  • Not work for work’s sake – no more paper shuffling!
  • Have regular periods of recovery, excitement or adventure interspersed with periods of productivity.
  • To do and experience everything you want.
  • To work for a purpose and make lots of money doing so.
  • Regular, significant cash flow.
  • To have more quality, more time, less clutter.
  • To have freedom to follow your dreams.


If you mainly answered yes to the second set of questions, then you essentially already have the digital nomad mindset. If not, you may need to re-evaluate a few things to you decide if this type of life is for you. After all, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Don’t worry though, you’ve been socially conditioned for years – there are bound to be a few things you need to work on. We certainly went through the same!

Take a moment to think about the real value of money. Money is multiplied in real life value depending on what you do, when you do it, where you do it and with whom you do it. For example, the stressed out executive working 60+ hours a week earning $500,000 a year has arguably less freedom, and perhaps a lower quality of life, than the Digital Nomad who works 10 hours a week but earns $40,000. The key is that it is not the number, it is the lifestyle that number and working pattern affords you. After all, we don’t necessarily want to be millionaires, but we do want the freedom and flexibility that a millionaire lifestyle affords.


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Thanks and best wishes,
Mike 🙂