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My Nomad Family – Peter in Taghazout

As I’m sure you’ve probably experienced with your family, trying to organise something where you are all there at the same time can be a bit of a nightmare! We’re lucky that our nomad family gets to meet up several times a year, but it’s not for a lack of forward planning, crossmatching schedules, compromise and communication. Sometimes it’s easier to travel with friends instead.

With that in mind I like to think of my nomad family as anyone that I’m lucky enough to share adventures with. Often that is my biological family, sometimes my friends, sometimes a partner. You know how that old saying goes “friends are the family you chose for yourself”

my nomad family

After a couple of days experiencing the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh, I was excited to kick back and take it easy with a week of surfing and relaxing with my friends. We stayed at Surf Berbere in Taghazout. It’s a purpose built quirky retreat for yoga and surfing in the small fishing village of Taghazout. All complete with beachside cafe, comfy rooms, rooftop tents with cushioned seating and a rooftop yoga studio. It was perfect.

We went as group with a range of different abilities and they completely catered to everything; food, surf spots, lessons, day trips to nearby towns and gorges. So it was completely stress free.
We would wake up, have breakfast on the roof overlooking the ocean and get surfing. There are so many spots around that you can basically guarantee good waves at one of them!

People would spend the day doing what they fancied, for me this often involved a full morning in the warm ocean; working on my surfing, joking about with friends, catching whatever waves we could. Some days I even went without a wetsuit, that’s how warm the water was. I’d return to the beach for lunch and then have a chill on the beach. Maybe play some football or frisbee, haggle with beach vendors, ride a camel etc.

Eventually we’d head back to Taghazout, explore the town visiting shops and cafes, return to the surf camp for some evening yoga. I started off as a novice, however, now I consider myself more of an amateur. After that, we’d have dinner and drinks overlooking the sunset and do it all again.
A wonderfully relaxed week with just the right level of routine.

If the routine isn’t for you then you can still break up the time with various day trips. My favourite of these was a drive into the mountains. We parked up and tracked a river up through a gorge, exploring various pools where you could, swim, slide, or jump to your hearts’ content.

I look back really fondly on that trip with my extended nomad family. Made some great memories with old friends and got to know various new people with the same interests as me too.


Thanks for reading, we hope to see you again next time!

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