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Must See Places In Patagonia

Today we’re taking a trip down memory lane and we’re taking you with us! Below is Lara’s “must see places” from her trip a few years ago now to Patagonia. Even if you’re not going, you’re going to want to take a read and digitally explore these places for yourself!!


Must See Places In Patagonia

Today’s post is a ‘Part 2’ of my must see places in Patagonia, if you missed part 1 click here to take a look!


Okay so… Day 2!

Kayaking at Lago de Argentina!!

I get an email in the morning saying it had been cancelled as there was a system error and they were fully booked.
Not ideal!
I head to the viatour headquarters and get a refund.

I then realise the next day I actually have to check out and my B&B requires cash payment and I’m out of cash.
So I head to the cashpoint, it’s out of cash.
I head to another cashpoint, its also out of cash.
I then remembered that due to inflation in Argentina and the limited capacity in their cashpoints, it was common over a weekend for cashpoints to run out of cash (WARNING!) THEN I found out it was a bank holiday so the cashpoints wouldn’t be filled up until the Tuesday which is when I was leaving!
Cutting it VERY close.

I only had I think £20 GBP in my purse, and after a whistle stop tour and a game of cash-point Chinese whispers with a number of other tourists on the hunt for cash, one quick stop off for a glass of wine (paid card, no cash back) I managed to hear about a bar who would do a black market trade for GBP to Argentinian Pesos which came to the perfect amount that I needed for my room!
Thank you universe!



That night I decided to walk up to the lake, with a picnic in my rucksack and just sat on the beach with my shoes off, and my feet in the earth, watching the watercolours of sunset dance across the sky.
I went and paddled in the lake and sat for about half an hour journalling and meditating.
Then I realised my phone was nearly dead and it was dark, so started my 1hr walk back to my B&B.

I made a little canine friend who accompanied me most of the way and fended off any other dogs en route.
Then my phone died.
No matter how well I had memorised my route, I couldn’t remember where the actual turning was.
So I went into a hotel and managed to get them to give me a lift in their hotel car to my B&B which actually wasn’t that far, so it all worked out!!



Horseriding day!!

The horses were actually based a short walk fro my hotel, which was perfect!
I paid my B&B and they stood my luggage while I went riding.
We filled out waivers and were asked about our riding experience, designated a horse and we were ready to go.
It was SO hot!

I could sense that my poor horse was agitated and uncomfortable throughout the majority of the ride.
The guide was a 20 year old guy, travelling and working his way up through South America and had learned to ride at this ranch with his brother and ended up staying and taking the hacks.
We were chatting during the course of the ride, and on the last quarter of the ride, I casually mentioned that I wish I could ride my horse bare-back through the lake because he seemed so hot and agitated, and so the guide said that after we arrive back at the ranch, I should return in an hour, so this exactly what I did.

On my return, we walked over to the broken banks of the lake, to where all the horses were grazing, and hopped over the fence.
We approached one of the horses who just had a rope around his nose, and hopped on.

This was the most surreal moment of my life, riding this horse, bare-back through the broken banks of the Lago de Argentina through flocks of flamingos.
(Which I have come to the conclusion I accidentally manifested as I’ve had flamingos grazing in a lake as my screensaver every since I got my laptop!)



NB/ Buenos Aires Highlights!

– Faena Hotel upmarket hotel with great restaurant and pool if you want to chill and push the boat out!

– Dancing in the Street. You will find Tango at what feels like every street corner! Head to the old town and get involved with he locals at the markets!

– El Catedral del Tango – Underground vibe tango bar with empadanas and great vegetarian food. Take a lesson then watch the pros do their thing! Kind of reminds me of the barricades scene from Les Mis!

– El Florista -underground speakeasy bar where you have to walk through the florist and through the cooler to get in!! Great cocktails!



If you’ve been to Patagonia & have any stories or recommendations for must see places in Patagonia then let us know! We’d love to know!

As always, make sure you’re following us on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest – we’ve got some big changes coming very soon!

Until next time!



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must see places in patagonia

Must See Places in Patagonia


must see places in Patagonia

Must See Places in Patagonia

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