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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter is one of those phrases you always hear, it gets thrown around quite a lot, but it wasn’t until the incident I’m about to share with you that I realised just how powerful ‘Mind Over Matter’ truly is.


In 2015 I was on a three week trip to Hong Kong, Sydney and then final stop was Beijing.

On the final night of the trip, I quite literally took a trip and ended up rolling down a flight of stairs, into a nightclub with a friend, and she landed on my leg.

At the time I was convinced it was just a twisted ankle, so flew back to London, still not thinking anything of it.

I did the sensible Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and tried walking on it etc. Until calling my mum then after a good ten minutes of trying to convince me to go to hospital, which I then did.

They sent me to x-ray, they told me it was broken.

A 3 inch spiral fracture starting at my ankle and going up my leg.

I cried.
A lot.

I felt like everything was against me, I couldn’t afford to have a broken leg, I was meant to be leaving in four weeks on a trip to Uruguay.

Then they went to put it in a cast and proceeded to tell me that I would be in said cast for 8-10 weeks at least.

I cried again.

On trying to navigate crutches in rainy England on the way back from having my cast put on, I slipped and caught myself on my broken leg, so back off to the hospital we went to ensure the break hadn’t worsened. It thankfully hadn’t.

After wallowing for a few days and feeling terribly sorry for myself, I sucked it up.

I told myself, I’m going to Uruguay.

I don’t care what the doctors say, I’m having my cast off in 4 weeks.

I even blocked it out in my iCalendar, “Leg in cast” for 4 weeks on the dot.

I called the hospital and booked a check up and X-rays for a few days before I was supposed to leave for Uruguay. To which the doctor’s response was, “well you won’t need a check up that soon because you wont heal in that time” but I insisted on the appointment and they gave it to me.

I then called my herbalist.
(yes, I’m one of THOSE people!! haha)

But anyway, she made me up a bone and tissue healing tonic, and gave me recommendations of MSM powder, Turmeric & Curcurmin, and Bromelain to support bone and tissue regrowth and also help reduce inflammation.

I took them religiously, ate well, avoided alcohol, meat, dairy, eggs, fish, anything that could cause inflammation in my body. I even continued doing at home workouts trying to keep blood flowing to my leg.


Then came judgement day, my ‘check up’.

I went into the hospital, had an x-ray, then waited in the room for the results for what felt like a lifetime.

The doctor came in and checked my X-rays and sent someone in to remove my cast. He asked how long I’d been in a cast, to which I replied;

“4 weeks”

He was astonished that I’d healed in such a short period of time.

But everything was fine.

Totally healed.


My point in telling you this story is that, I gave myself NO choice but to heal in that time.

I didn’t stress.

I didn’t get worked up that “what if I didn’t heal”.

It was not an option.


This was the first time, I really, REALLY realised the power of the mind.

The power of a determined mind.


We only use a fraction of our brain power as humans.

We often don’t realise our infinite potential.

This was the point that I learned what it was to harness that brain power.

That notion of ‘if you put your mind to something you can do anything’.

It starts with you.


It starts with that inner knowing, that belief in yourself that you can achieve whatever it is that you put your mind to.

You make it happen.

You pull in the resources, you do what you need to do to get it done.

The power lies within you.


Remember that.


Remember that impossible is nothing.

Eradicate it from your vocabulary.

Turn your dreams into your reality.


All it takes is that shift in your mindset from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can and I will.’
It’s mind over matter.



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Have a great day!



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