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Mental Health Tips During Isolation & Distancing

During this crazy, unsure time it’s easy for our mental health to slip. So, we wanted to help as much as possible by suggesting a few mental health tips for you to take or leave as you see fit.

As human beings, whether we have tendencies towards being an introvert or an extrovert by nature, we are social beings. When an order of self isolation and social distancing is put in place, the world can suddenly feel like a lonely place and you may not feel comfortable in this.

Firstly, please know that you are not alone. Yes, we may see people on social media looking like they are having the time of their lives, but please do not compare your experience to that of others. We all tend to put our best foot forward on social media and so it is very easy to be lulled into a false sense that everyone but you is thriving in this quarantine situation.


A Few Mental Health Tips

Talk To Your Loved Ones

This can be easier said than done, and we completely understand that. But it can really help. There’s so many opportunities for communication, explore which ways work best for you.
In its simplest form, get on the phone and catch up with a new person each day.

It’s likely that your loved ones may also be struggling at this time too, so picking up the phone and talking to them may be just as beneficial for them as it is to you.


Get Moving

It’s so important to get moving and continue exercising during a time like this. Whether that’s going on a run, doing some yoga, a home workout (YouTube is about to be your new best friend), dancing around the kitchen, going for a walk. Whatever works for you, do it where you can.



Make sure you take some time to relax and take care of you. This can help with a number of things. One of our personal favourites is doing meditations, again you can find so many guided meditations on YouTube to help you! You could find a nice corner and read a book, take a bath, anything that will help you relax a bit.


Make Sure Your Getting Enough Sleep

It’s very, very easy to spiral into a Netflix binging marathon, it’s something we all do from time to time. But ensuring you’re getting enough sleep is so, so important. If you’re struggling to get to sleep, maybe try creating a bed time routine – full of things to help you relax.


Get All Your Ducks In A Row

During a time like this it’s easy to feel like a whirlwind. That kind of chaos is not helpful at all, especially for your mental health. So try, as best you can, to start writing things out: things you have to do, researching your employment and benefit rights, etc. Just write it down. This will allow you to slowly start processing everything, breaking it down into more manageable pieces. Hopefully, you can begin to feel more grounded and like you have more control over what’s going on in your world.


Journal Your Thoughts

If you are home alone and have no outlet to get your thoughts out, or don’t have someone you feel comfortable to share your innermost thoughts with, write them down. We have 48.6 thoughts on average per minute. That’s nearly 70,000 per day!!!! It’s no wonder when we are isolated that our thoughts can run away with us.

It might help you to detangle your thoughts and if you write for long enough, you may even end up advising yourself on the problems you had at the beginning of the session.


Avoid The News

Not necessarily completely, because it’s good to be somewhat aware. But a lot of the headlines at the moment are negative, so it only makes sense that they would have a negative impact on us.
When you are looking at the news, make sure you’re looking at trustworthy sources so you can avoid fake news.



These are just a small few mental health tips that could help you, or someone you know, during this time. For more, click here, to find more tips and ideas for improving mental wellbeing from the NHS website.
On this page, you will find as well a number of approved helplines if you need anyone else to talk to.
(For those outside of the UK, the NHS is our National Health Service)



Just remember, you are never alone, there is always someone at the other end of the phone. If you are feeling lonely and don’t feel like you have anyone to turn to, please reach out to us. DM us on instagram or email us and one of us will reach out to speak to you.

Don’t ever suffer in silence. You are important. Your life matters. YOU matter. You are loved.

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