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Meeting Expectations With Your Business

Meeting Expectations

The wonderful thing about running your own business, is that you don’t have to worry about meeting expectations of other people. You don’t have to answer to anyone else.
You have total freedom to run your business the way YOU want to run it.


That said, a word of caution, don’t take that statement to the extremity and allow it to negatively affect your client relationships. As this is precisely, not what I mean.


If you are running your own business, you set the standards.
If you do a good job, underpromise and over deliver, with your client’s best interest at heart, your business will thrive.
However, if you go bulldozing, telling clients they need to suck it because you run the show and you know best, that’s maybe not the best route to go down. Just saying.


What do you expect from yourself?

How are you willing to show up for your clients?

How are you able to best serve them and exceed their expectations without feeling trapped and suffocated?


It’s all about having boundaries.

Your personal boundaries of self love and self respect, combined with the genuine desire to help someone else in their life or business. Using your life experience or skill set to help them. 


Understanding where you are speaking or acting from your own ego, and where you are speaking from experience.
The difference is that your ego will speak from a place of “I’m right, because I know everything”. Your experience will come from a place of knowing, but being open minded to input and ideas of others. As well as, assessing the best outcome for your client.


Don’t just focus on meeting expectations.
Exceed them.

Set your boundaries and expectations of yourself higher than your clients expect, from a place of giving without sacrifice of yourself.


It is a fine balance, and really does take daily practice. Occasionally, something will sideline you and you will think you are back at square one, but you’re not. Assess the situation, use your tools, and get back on the matter at hand. In your own personal power and balance.


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