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Seasons of Change

The beauty of having four seasons is that it brings our awareness to change.

Each season bringing new insight and showing us, in simple means, how we can take inspiration from it and apply to our own lives.


Summer to me is about abundance and relishing in all the sweetest things in life, life force.

Autumn shows us the beauty of change through its turning colours.

Winter teaches us that it’s okay to let go of things that are no longer serving you. To retreat and turn your focus inward.


And Spring?
Spring teaches growth.
It is where the flowers start to push through the cold, hard ground and overcome adversity, to flourish and stand in their glory for us all to admire.



Some of our most exponential growth happens through adversity.
Learning to flow with the seasons and in life, and take the lessons each one has to offer us.



A good family friend of ours made a very good point in saying, we should view our life in seasons rather than in perceived time.
So, by identifying what you want to cultivate or focus on in a year or a month, naming it by your own ‘season’ and accepting that seasons change, and embracing the ever growing change, it makes learning to flow with life much easier, and brings attention to take the lessons each one has to offer us.



Growth. Embrace it.
Welcome it.
Strive for it.
It will never fail to be beautiful.



What season are you in right now? Let us know!



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