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What We’ve Learnt During 2020

It’s been a weird year.
Definitely one that none of us expected, but likely maybe one that we needed. Here are some lessons of 2020 – from us at DNF at least.


It’s ok to slow down.

Correction: it’s good to slow down!! Sometimes it’s even necessary. 2020 forced us all to pause in some capacity. It gave us the opportunity to reflect and learn about what we really need. What we really want.

Working ourselves into the ground isn’t productive. Not only that, it’s not beneficial for anyone. You can only be productive for so long before you need to give your brain and body a break – of course, this is different for everyone. But listen to yourself, to your brain, to your body when you start to feel like burnout. Learn to recognise it so you can give your mind , body and soul the rest it’s craving.

Your work will be better. Your mind will be better. Your body will be better. Your soul will be better.

Trust us.


Embracing change.

One of the big lessons of 2020. Again, we had no choice but to learn this one this year.

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and there’s simply nothing that you can do, by yourself. to change them. Unfortunately, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Learning how to accept the change and, more importantly, embrace it is so so crucial. So whilst 2020 hasn’t always been kind to us, we can appeciate it for helping us to learn this at a deeper level.



‘Tough situations present the greatest opportunities for gratitude.’

Whether its small or large there are so many things around us we can be grateful for, even in the bleakest of times. And, we promise you, you will be AMAZED at the shift this can have on your mindset day to day.

I personally tried to get in the habit, especially when I was having a bad day, to write down the things I’m grateful for today. It can be a small list, a giant list, about small things or bigs – no limits, just simply what are you grateful for.


Get outside.

& stay there for awhile.

With pretty much everywhere being shut, we all got creative (well, walked out our front doors) and headed into nature to get us through the days of lockdown. It’s amazing the things you can find on a nature adventure, and to be honest, the opportunity really made all of us fall in love with the British countryside all over again.

It’s a boost for mental and physical health, and frankly I hope that getting outside into nature as frequently as possible is a habit that stays with all of us as long as we wander through our lifetimes.


Shop small, shop local.

One of my biggest hopes for 2021, and as we leave 2020 behind us, is that we continue to prioritise small and local businesses. We can promise you that the ‘big dogs’ don’t do a celebratory ‘jig’ when you make a purchase but the small ones definitely do!

So let’s continue to celebrate small businesses and carry on the celebratory jigs.


Alone doesn’t mean lonely.

Zoom has had a GREAT year.

In a time where seeing our nearest and dearest has been limited or even haunted altogether, we’ve not let that stop us from nurturing those relationships. If anything, it’s allowed us to strengthen our close relationships and pretty much set a new standard. There’s no excuse now, we’ve all got Zoom.

As well, a huge growth in community has formed this year. Neighbours, volunteers, friends, family and strangers have all come together to help each other in a great time of need. Providing support and company to help everyone through a rollercoaster of a year. It’s definitely been a highlight to my year.


We could probably go on and on about an abundance of lessons of 2020, but these are some of our favourites. We would LOVE to hear what you have found to be your valuable lessons of 2020 – join the discussion on Instagram, or pop us an email!

From all of us at DNF. we hope you have an epic 2021!




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