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10 More Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About DNF

You may have seen on Friday we were sharing some personal facts to help you guys get to know us a bit better. Turns out we have some more interesting facts you didn’t know! So, we thought we’d share a few more – and then we’re back to more ‘typical’ blogs! Enjoy!


More Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Us


  • Peter is a qualified and practising doctor. He was inspired into this career after our granny got really sick. He does digital-nomading in his spare time!
  • No longer has an appendix! He ended up having it removed on the same day as one of his best friends had hers out! Nothing like a bit of moral support – thats a good friend!



  • He represented Warwickshire at cricket, Worcester Warriors at Rugby (co-managed the under 9’s) and also represented the West Midlands at football.
  • He also worked as a supplier for Alan Sugar and Michael Dell (met both) was in a business with the former VP of Europe for Dell, Martin Slagter (Habitech) Peter Norton of Norton Antivrus (bought by Symantec) launched their European operation from his office.



  • Sam is actually a university dropout! He has an innate skill for turning his hand to anything, sports, processes, design, literally anything. His thirst for knowledge and understanding has resulted in him succeeding in anything he puts his mind to.
  • He is an avid collector of trainers! Also, after entering a design competition he actually designed trainers for Nike! (We told you he’s good at everything!)



  • Is quite the boxing fan, she’s taken Dad to a few fights (people at the fights were a bit confused that it wasn’t Dad taking Ella haha) and is always dragging people to go and watch fight night! She’s been known to wake up at ‘unsociable’ hours of the night to watch fights in the US or whilst travelling – safe to say her roommates were not happy
  • Bungee Jumped in Nevis River in Queenstown, New Zealand. This happens to be the 13th highest bungee jump in the world! 134m!!



  • Has travelled to 42 countries so far in her 29 years of life. Surprising places she hasn’t been to yet include Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa.
  • Has a penchant for last minute costume making. Made her prom dress, leavers dress and many halloween costumes the day before the event with extraordinary outcomes. She used to want to be a fashion designer growing up – go figure!!


So that’s it! Hopefully you feel like you’ve got to know all of us a little better now!

We’ll see you for the next post on Friday!!



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