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The Importance of a Morning Routine

The Importance of a Morning Routine

One thing I have recently learnt is just how important a morning routine is.


Whether you are a digital nomad, travelling a lot or an aspirational nomad, the importance of some form of a routine is paramount.
That may sound silly but hear us out.

When you are running your own business or going with the flow in life, its very easy to just run with it and float from one task to the next without actually being mindful of what you are doing each day.
It can be very easy to indulge in your own time, and relish in that freedom that comes with the freedom lifestyle.


Yes, a working structure is imperative and probably comes naturally to most who’ve moved from a 9-5 into this freedom space.
But your morning routine is not something that is necessarily work focused. Its you focused.

Ask yourself, what do you do that really gives you a spring in your step?
What clears your head and makes you feel ready for the day?
What do you just really enjoy and never make time for?



These are the questions to ask yourself when forming your morning routine.

We’ve found that by having your set wakeup time, then dividing up the hours before you start your working day into blocks really helps to add that structure so your non-negotiables aren’t neglected.
A really great way to start the day, I’ve found is to meditate.
If it sounds too hippy-like, hear me out.

By clearing your mind, even for 10mins, it creates space for ideas to flow to you throughout the day. Think of it like clearing the roads of snow in the morning after a downfall. You have to create the space for ideas or to move in and out of your brain.
Maybe a work out?
A work out is very much like a moving meditation, by focusing on the one task at hand, it silences all of the chatter and creates space for inspiration throughout your day. It also feels really good to get a sweat on and move your body after being stationary during sleep time. (there’s also not that nagging feeling throughout the day of ‘urghh i have to go to the gym later’ because, you’ve already done it!)


You may want to try journalling?
Especially if you feel you have a very active mind in the morning, it can really help to just write out your thoughts, whatever they may be. And I really mean WHATEVER they may be. Just practising getting it all onto paper and out of your mind, creates a really healthy space in your mind for innovative thinking and really can aid you in your business and personal life.


Maybe you just take 30 minutes in the morning to read some of your favourite book, or the newspaper?
It is about taking that time for YOU.

To do those small little things that make you happy, that put a smile on your face and a spring in your step so that you are nourished and immaculately equipped to handle anything each day that comes your way!


Do you have a morning routine? What do you find helps you to create space for innovation in your online business?
Let us know, we’d love to know!



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Until next time!



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