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How To Make A Productive Work From Home Routine

If you are new to nomad life or are trying to (newly) navigate the realms of working from home, we have a few ideas for working from home to, hopefully, help you optimise your productivity.

We would recommend trying them out and seeing what ultimately works for you. Nothing is set in stone. Sometimes it can take a little while to get into your groove after a series of trial and error.


Ideas For Working From Home


First things first. Create a beautiful workspace.

Create a space that when you arrive there to work it fills you with joy. Whether that is created through art, plants, candles, crystals, the best work chair, soft furnishings, it doesn’t matter. Whatever brings YOU joy and motivates you to want to work just by being there.
Also, and arguably the most important, use somewhere that isn’t attached to other activities. That way your brain knows when it enters that space, its go time!


Secondly, set yourself up with a morning routine.

Isolate the activities that you do in the day that give you a buzz of excitement and make you feel full. This could be meditation, exercising, journalling, dancing, etc. Have a play and find out what sets you up the best for the day and make it your devotion to yourself and your commitment to yourself to have the best day possible.


Schedule or plan.

Either planning every Sunday ready for the week OR if you would prefer more flexibility, do your planning the night before so you know what you have to do and have a clear trajectory for each day and task list to complete.


Try work blocks of 2hrs.

Or any other amount of hours that works for you and your type of work. This will help to maintain optimum brain productivity and allows you to be focused on your goal. Don’t have your phone on or anywhere near you and remove all other distractions for prime productivity.


Take breaks to get the blood flowing.

Whether you have a fresh air break, a workout break or you just touch your toes to get extra blood flow to your brain, MOVE. Sitting at a computer all day causes energy to get stuck and can lead to you feeling lethargic and unmotivated.


Get fresh air on at least 1 of your breaks.

Get outside. Open a window. BREATHE. And breathe deeply. Get that extra oxygen into your blood.


A final tip…

If your energy is dwindling towards the end of the day, change your environment up. A change is as good as a rest. If you have a deadline and you are struggling to concentrate, a change of environment could give you that extra boost of energy that you need to complete your task.


Hopefully this helps a little – if you have any more tips then give us a shout! It’s the perfect time to be sharing tips to help each other out!!

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Have a great day!

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