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How Your Environment Affects You

We, as humans are pretty susceptible to our environments but often we neglect ourselves in the name of productivity, or practicality, which actually then ends up as being counter productive to those things you desire most. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to understand how your environment affects you.


How Your Environment Affects You

For example, as an entrepreneur, you have the luxury to work from home, well, actually, if you are an online entrepreneur, wherever you want. But often days go like this:


Get up.

Make coffee.

Work out, if it’s a good day.

Sweats on.

Sit at laptop at desk/sofa/bed/kitchen table (delete as appropriate) until you feel you’ve done sufficient work.

Often forgetting to have lunch because you are so engrossed in what you’re doing.

Then make dinner & go to bed.


I am pretty sure that 99% of entrepreneurs I know are guilty of the above. Even more so that that, we are also guilty of not making our working environments nurturing spaces that support our energy and creativity.

Sometimes you’ll barely see the light of day.


Now, I’m going to say this once.


This is NOT productive.


I hold my hands up, I am guilty of working from the sofa in the dark for the majority of the day. However, it does not make me more productive, in fact, quite the opposite.


My energy completely slumps. Sitting creates stagnant energy in your body.

We are animals at the end of the day so we need light, we need to move, we need nature.


SO, today I am going to suggest to you, creating a little work haven. Fill it with things that you love. Plants are ALWAYS a good thing for an office or work space, if you’re not in it for the aesthetic of plants, get some for no other reason than to provide you with fresh oxygen! If you can find a space where natural light pours in then even better!! The light actually helps us to sustain our energy better than being in a dark, closed off space. Then anything else that takes your fancy, inspirational quotes, pictures, paintings, whatever floats your boat, DO IT.


If you are doing nomad life then find a cafe that sparks joy. Obviously, yes, you need the good wifi first and foremost, but dont just dive into he first place you find. Seek out somewhere that makes you feel expansive AND does the good food! 


We would LOVE to hear how you get on with this, if you try it out!
Let us know what changes you made, send pictures! And then let us know how it made you feel.


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Until next time!



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