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Kaizen – What It Is & How It Applies to your Business

People often wonder how to build a lifestyle business. Now, when we talk about a Lifestyle Business, we’re referring to a business that you can build around your lifestyle. One that allows you to follow your passions, at your own pace and schedule.

In doing some recent personal research, I came across the Japanese idea of Kaizen. It struck me how applicable this concept is when it comes to building your own lifestyle business. Therefore, I had to share.


Kaizen /kʌɪˈzɛn/

  1. a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.


The way we work is changing. The movement of the online entrepreneur is growing exponentially as people realise it is possible to have the work/life balance they’ve always wanted. All whilst doing something they love.
More and more people are moving into a space of chasing their dreams and co-creating their reality to match.


How to Build a Lifestyle Business

The Japanese philosophy of kaizen has never been more relevant. The importance of keeping up with new strategies, understanding ever changing algorhythms, constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve is imperative when running a business online.


On our blog, we have a lot of emphasis on mindset and consciousness, as we believe this is also part and parcel with the Kaizen philosophy. Not only focusing on how you can improve constantly in a business sense, but also, how can you constantly improve yourself as a person. To show up in your life as your best possible self who then, in turn, is able to serve your clientele and audience best.


As soon as you become stuck in a version of yourself, or in old business practices, you are limiting yourself. As a result, you are not working to your fullest potential.
Fall in love with learning, the ever changing shape of your business, pay attention to the details and desires of your customers and ultimately your personal growth and happiness.
Because when you are able to continuously roll with the punches, recognise the spaces for improvement, your business will always thrive.


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