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What Does Freedom Look Like To You?

Freedom… What does that look like to you? How do you define a freedom lifestyle?

What does it taste like?

Smell like?

How does it move?

How does it feel?


Does it feel like snowflakes melting on your skin? The sound of snow crunching under each footstep?

Does it taste like salty sun drenched skin, frolicking barefoot on white sandy beaches as the sun sets the sky on fire as the day comes to an end?

Is it the bright lights of the big city darting by as you sink into an evening of drinking fine wine and dancing to smooth jazz until the early hours?

Does it feel like the cold mountain breeze caressing your face after an ascent to a view that takes the breath from your lungs?


What is it?


Sink into it.

Melt into those moments.

Indulge in them.


Taste it.

Smell it.

Chase it.

Never stop.



Well, why ever would you not?


Creating a Freedom Lifestyle

You see, the beauty of taking that leap of faith into the unknown territories of being a digital nomad, is that you are fully able to create the life that you want. To live, day by day in this juicy space of freedom and really relish it.

So get specific.

Write it down.

What does freedom feel like to you? How does it move? What does it taste like? What does it smell like? How does it feel?

Get as specific as you possibly can be with it. Once you explore the sensory specifics of freedom, it becomes tangible.

It’s already part of your life. So the natural next step is for it to materialise.


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