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How can I find more happiness in day to day life?

I’m no expert when it comes to these types of things, but I have had my own experiences and what I’ve learnt from them. When it comes to finding happiness, it’s something we all want to achieve and, indeed, maintain.


Looking back over family photo albums full of childhood photos, it struck me how much I resonated with my child-self. 

That may sound very strange. However, what I found as I flipped through the pages of the old photo albums was, in essence I am the same person now as I was then. I have the same love for animals, the love of dance/moving my body. I have the same tendency to pose for photos, and the same desire to run around naked. Albeit, nowadays, it’s less acceptable and tends to be confined to a beach.
But, what I recognised was, the things that lit me up, sparked joy and laughter in me as a child, are the very same things that do today.


I lost that person for a while. Instead, I became more distracted by the outside world and social expectations. I lost sight of what sparked joy within me. However, the more I have looked inward, the more I have come back to the very same girl I was growing up.

It’s a funny exercise to do. However, if you ever find yourself feeling lost, and unable to know the things that make you happy any more, or you want to know what things you can do to spark joy in your adult life, I would highly recommend looking through old family photo albums. Explore what it is that you loved doing as a child.


What I learned from this brief exploration into my childhood is… to follow your joy, always. 


If you are doing something that sparks genuine joy, from a place of love for yourself or for others, absolutely don’t question it.
Laugh, play, dance, whatever it is, just do it.

Chances are it’s coming from your most authentic version of yourself.


Because when we are children, we are the purest form of joy. It is only as we grow up and learn our place in society, social conventions and expectations that we start putting limits on ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any other thoughts when it comes to finding happiness, please do get in touch!

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