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Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure & Overcoming It

Before I start today’s blog post, I would just like to say that I’m not necessarily qualified to be giving ‘absolute’ advice on how to deal with the fear of failure. However, based off of personal experience these are my thoughts.



Facing failure.


Sometimes in life we put all our energy into something that we want to work.
Business. Relationships. Career.
We want it to work SO desperately that we put the blinkers on, with our laser focus, that we often don’t see the other paths available to us.


We all try, and we all fail.
I’m not sure there’s anyone on this planet who has never, ever failed. 


Spending time watching babies learning to walk, they never give up and accept that walking just isn’t for them. They fall down, they get back up, they fall down they pull themselves up. 


It’s not about not achieving what you want, sometimes it is more reframing ‘failure’ as a redirection.
Accepting that, maybe the way you’d planned for things to pan out just isn’t meant to be how it plays out.
Maybe, there is a much more profitable or expansive path that is desperate for your attention. However, you don’t see it because you are so fixated on the way you think things SHOULD be.


If we reframe failure, as an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to be led on a different adventure to an even better outcome, surely that is better than convincing yourself that you have failed.
Because maybe there is a reason that job interview didn’t work out, or that relationship.
Usually if you look back at the series of events of your life, it’s easy to see why everything had to happen the way it did in order to lead you to where you are now.


It isn’t failing, it’s learning, it’s growth.
It’s an adventure into unknown territories.



Making the shift to become digital nomads can involve a lot of this. It can sometimes be a big leap of faith, but it’s a leap we’ve never regretted taking.
We’d love to know your thoughts, so please do get in touch and let us know!

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