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How to Communicate Efficiently When Working with Family & Friends

Family business can be tough. It can be tough enough as it is, working with coworkers where you may not see eye to eye all the time, let alone being related to them!

Having run a business with my best friend for 5 years, and being part of our family business (8 years and counting!), I understand that communication is not only vital in any business, but especially when you’re in business with people you love.

The biggest factor in any relationship is communication. This is well documented and accepted across the world, so what makes for good communication in business?

Openness and honesty.


Again, this can go across to any relationship in your life.

But learning to speak openly and honestly with your boss/co-workers/friends/family members is paramount. There is a way to say anything to anyone, if you choose your words carefully.

When we are close to people we often speak with less consideration to them because we know the love is there. However, you can then start to lose respect for that person if it continues without resolve.


Things to Consider When Communicating in a Family Business:

– We are all entitled to our own opinions, so it is important to stay open minded in any conversations or to any suggestions.

– Trust that each person is gifted with their own zone of genius, so let them take the lead. It will take more of your energy to resist it and trying to have control over something than it is to just let said family member ease into their zone.

No business is worth permanently damaging the relationship.
If there are disagreements or resentments being held about the way someone is behaving or the way you have started to feel in the business, talk about it. Be honest about your feelings. Be open about it.
If the conflict continues, the working relationship should always be the thing to take the hit. Nobody wants to feel like they come second to money or a business.
Obviously this is a strong piece of advice, and is based on my personal experience. However, it has worked in the past and actually strengthened the relationships that were threatened.

Be clear with your intentions and don’t ever make it personal.
Ensuring you are communicating your point clearly and not letting your emotions get the better of you to the point where you end up personally attacking someone, as that can cause long standing damage.


Running a lifestyle business, as a family business, can be tough. Being open and honesty is key to ensuring the longevity. After all, no one wants to go to a meeting knowing an argument is ready to break out at any moment!

If you have any more tips, we’re all ears!!

See you next time!



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