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Our Family Bucket List, So Far…

You can tell a lot about a person by the things they want to achieve by the time they kick the bucket! Dad’s already got through his first bucket list, but we wanted to start making a conscious effort at creating a family bucket list.

Now we’ve started the list, we thought we would share some of our hopes and dreams with you all! So, here’s our family bucket list:


Family Bucket List :


To go skiing again.
We used to do annual family ski trips all over Europe, so i’d love to get on the slopes again!

– To go surfing again!
I spent some time in Sri Lanka at a surf and yoga camp which was amazing! 

– To climb a glacier!
I’ve always loved hiking and rock climbing so putting both those skills together to tackle this challenge would be great!

– Scottish road trip.
Having been to University in St Andrews, I have a soft spot for Scotland and it’s underrated beauty! A Summer roadtrip is definitely on the cards.



– To watch England play cricket in all the test playing nations.
8/9 done…soon to be 10!!

– To build an eco home.
This is a big dream we are currently working on, we will keep you all posted with progress!



– To run a marathon.

– I would love to live in another country!
Not sure where yet, I’m testing a few out first!

– Cycle the perimeter of Iceland.
Potentially a very cold yet rewarding adventure! 

– Live 100% sustainably.
Both, financially and energy-wise. By financially sustainable, I mean earning more than my outgoings through assets. Then energetically sustainable in the sense of creating more energy than I use)



– Run a marathon.
Despite the fact I really hate running at the moment. Maybe Sam and I end up running the same one!

– Cage diving with Sharks.
Ideally in South Africa, but we shall see!

– Travel somewhere new every year.
This has been a New Years resolution of mine for about 3 years or so now. I’ll already be ticking off my new place for Year 4 in January!
Travelling to somewhere new at least once every year may sound easy, however there are 195 countries in the world. So I may be upping it to a few more than one per year.

– To take part in an animal Conservation project(s).
Currently eyeing up one in South Africa, Costa Rica and/or Borneo (there’s quite a few I’d like to do haha).



– Go on African Safari.
I’m currently planning to do this for my 30th Birthday next year – will keep you posted!

– Swim with whale sharks!
Literally anywhere, although maybe Belize would be a fun option as I’ve not managed to get there yet!

– To write and publish a book!
This one is also in the works as I type!- Watch this space

– To learn how to freedive.
Something about it looks so peaceful and magical. Maybe I should learn this prior to whale sharks!


We would love to hear your ideas for a family bucket list, so please do get in touch and let us know! We hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe it helped spark some ideas for you!!



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