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Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

When you close your eyes at night, or when your mind starts to wander while you are sat at your desk, where does your mind go?
What do you dream about?
All obstacles removed, magically, How would you spend your time?
Where would you go?
What would you do?
Do you even allow your mind to wander into the space of dreaming and visualising the life you wish you could live?

You’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t quit your day job” but I would encourage you to question that.

Does your current job bring you joy?
Do you feel motivated to get up and go to work?
Do you spend most of your time dreaming about what you would rather be doing instead?

If so, that is THE BIGGEST indicator that what you are doing is existing. You aren’t dreaming and fulfilling your purpose and living to the fullest capacity of your life. 


We were not put on this planet to simply exist.
We are here to thrive, to learn, to grow, to be joyful, to dream, to LIVE. 


If you have a daydream, follow that. Chase it. Visualise it.

What does it look like? How do you feel in this new life? What does it taste like? Smell like?

Explore all of the senses that surround this change of life.


Emotionally, how do you feel?
How do your loved ones respond to you and interact with you now?

Now you are immersing yourself in this dream, it feels real right?
It feels tangible.

If it feels good, even if you are feeling a little fear and your conscious mind is giving you all of the practical and logical reasons as to why you absolutely should not pursue it, I encourage you to go for it.


The logical mind is there to keep us safe, protect us, so allow it to pipe up and tell you why you shouldn’t follow your dream, then tell it that you are going to do it anyway. Don’t quit your day dream, because when you make that dream your reality, you start to live that dream.

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