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Digital Nomads

What is a Digital Nomad?

‘Digital nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job.’ (Investopedia).

Everyday more and more people are finding new ways to adopt this lifestyle, making their dreams a reality.

They all have a skill or an idea that enables them to work remotely.

Based on the type of work, digital nomads will have clients and/or customers that allow them to generate a passive income that then supports the lifestyle.

Making the switch to this kind of lifestyle can be extremely daunting.

But, wait…

Where does the motivation come from? How can I just up and leave my job? Do I have to want to travel?

To some people the desire for change comes naturally. For others, it really is just a case of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

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Finding Motivation

We are big fans of ‘The Chimp Paradox’ (Dr Steve Peters) over here. The book is great at explaining and attempting to resolve the issue above – and most other issues too but that’s not the point right now. Peters identifies the negative, unsure thoughts as a ‘Chimp’ on your shoulder, telling you not to do things, that you aren’t good enough etc. He then provides a template to deal with it, find your motivatin and achieve your goals.

The book takes you through a journey of learning to control your ‘chimp’ to stop it from preventing you doing all the things you want to that you were apprehensive of before.

The programme we are involved in is really aligned with this notion. It focuses on support and community, helping you to discover and harness your motivation.

how to live a nomadic lifestyle

“Ok, but what about my job?”

The reality is we’re all human beings, we weren’t put on this earth to wake up to an alarm clock, drag ourselves to work, force ourselves to do mundane tasks before going home, falling asleep and doing it all over again.

We were put on this earth to live.

We were put on this earth to be happy, to do things we enjoy. To invest in meaningful things and relationships, or to do whatever makes you feel alive.

We should work to live, not live to work.

We present to you, the Lifestyle Business Concept


Striving for a lifestyle business will allow you to reach the balance to work enough to live comfortably whilst also using your time to do what you want. The whole point is to fit this in around your schedule.

The world is becoming more and more digital by the day so it’s worth learning the skills to keep ahead of the curve. That and the fact that what we’re doing is so digital you can do it from anywhere!

One of the biggest takeaways we got from Dr Peters, was visualisation. It’s a bit of a hot topic at this point, but with reason. The impact it has on making your dreams into your reality is immense.

So, consider these questions:

– What’s it going to be like one you reach that goal of having your very own lifestyle business?
– Where would you live?
– What would an average day look like?
– Who would you help?
– How many more skills will you have?

Now, visualise.

We can’t wait to join you on this journey to see these dreams become reality.

If you’ve got any questions then get in touch with us and we can help talk you through it all.

Next Steps

What Do I Need to Do?

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