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How to Do Lake Life in Canada

Lake Life is pretty much what sold Canada to me as a destination to live for a few years. I have been incredibly blessed by wonderful friends inviting me to spend time at their cottages on various beautiful lakes across the Ontario region. So, for any digital nomads in Toronto or anyone enticed by life at the lake, I have a few very simple tips for you to maximise your enjoyment.

Canadians and Americans who have the luxury of a cottage or house on a lake, have this down to a T. Probably because it is a fairly standard weekend activity during the summer months. So this is for anyone who may be interested in renting a cottage on a lake. The goal is to share how to make the most of it, specifically in Ontario – because it’s what I know.


1/. Be prepared.

You will want to plan all of your meals for your time there and write a comprehensive shopping list beforehand.

If you are just going up for the weekend, its relatively easy to pick up everything you need. However, if you are going for longer, say a week, I would suggest splitting your shopping into 2 shops. I would also suggest dedicating time on a middle day to stock up. This of course also depends on your refrigerating facilities at your cottage so bear that in mind too.

In Ontario, you can’t readily buy alcohol from your supermarkets like you can in Europe. Although, in a few you can now buy beer and wine. For any alcohol you will need to head to the LCBO and stock up for the duration of your stay. If you go on a long weekend/national/provincial holiday here, the lines can be reallllllly long. So try and get in early, as many people take a half day on a Friday of a long weekend.

If you are travelling as a group, designate meals to different people so you can rotate. That way it doesn’t feel like the same people are cooking all the time, unless its their passion, in which case, lucky you! Sit back and relax while they cook up delicious meals for your group!


2/. Buy firewood.

There is nothing nicer after a day of swimming in the lake and relaxing in the sun, than cosying down to a bonfire.

Be sure to pick up firewood, kindling, some fire lighters (because you don’t want lighting the fire to turn into a whole charade) and matches or a long armed lighter. Whatever will make sure you don’t burn your fingers when trying to light the fire! Personally, I would pick up news paper too as it just helps get it going.
I also recommend rolling the sheets of paper into tight rolls on a diagonal and then tying them in knots as they burn more slowly and help the kindling and in turn the fire wood to catch fire. Minimum effort, maximum output!! You are on holiday after all!!


3/. Wake surfing & water sports.

This is one of my biggest highlights of lake life. SeaDoo/Jet skis, wake surfing, waterskiing, whatever takes your fancy, just try it! It’s fun for all the family and is a great bonding activity regardless of age.
Although don’t be surprised if the kids show you up!

There are companies dotted all around the lakes in the Summer season that do watersports, so its just a case of looking them up and seeing what you can get into! 


4/. Just relax.

Really make the most of being in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Switch off…read…journal… paint, whatever it is. Take this time to step away from technology any just enjoy lake life.


If there are any fellow digital nomads in Toronto with any more tips, please do share! We’d love to hear them and pass on any knowledge!!

If you missed our last post, Dad was talking all about the Digital Nomad Mindset – so be sure to go and take a look!


Until next time!



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