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Digital Nomads Lifestyle – Abecita Konstmuseum, Sweden

A Digital Nomads Lifestyle. What is it like ? Here’s Sam to tell you a little bit about his recent trip to Sweden…


As part of the trip to Sweden, we (Emilie, India, Sam and I) decided to visit the Abecita Konstmuseum.

Exterior of the Abecita Konstmuseum, Sweden

Exterior of the Abecita Konstmuseum, Sweden

Making our way through the museum we continued to chat away until the owner noticed us and that we were English so came over, had a chat and explained he would translate if we wanted any information from the gallery. Being the nice guy he was, he walked us around the gallery for a bit before asking if we wanted to see the gallery’s most valuable possession.

Obviously we said yes.

We followed him through the museum to a locked store room, he went in and brought out a wine rack. Obviously we were confused, expecting to see a more intricate painting or sculpture by a well-known artist.

Gallery of Abecita Konstmuseum, Sweden

Gallery of Abecita Konstmuseum, Sweden

He then began to explain. A while back, Salvador Dali came to the gallery as a guest, and was talking to the crowds of people that had attended the museum to see him. He was questioning, ‘What is art?’ He asked the crowd why the sculptures in the gallery were considered art, to which most replied, well because its in an art gallery so it must be art, right? This took him by surprise so he went to a junk yard that evening and bought this wine rack to take back to the gallery the following day for his scheduled arrival.

He displayed the wine rack in the gallery and questioned again, ‘What is art?’ and then questioned ‘Is this [wine rack] art?’, to which they all replied ‘Yes as it is being displayed in an art gallery so therefore it has value’.

This supposedly inspired Dali’s new movement.

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