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The Absolute Essentials You Need to Survive as a Digital Nomad

As digital nomads, there’s things that you just need. Essentials if you will. Digital nomad essentials include both the literal and the metaphorical.


Physical Digital Nomad Essentials

In terms of physical stuff I would say a laptop is pretty vital!
That also implies an internet connection.

If you have these 2 things you can continue to work and travel, retaining the flexibility and freedom that comes along with being a digital nomad.

You want a laptop that is light yet sturdy. You can get a decent case to help with the sturdy bit!
Your laptop will be taken in and out of your bag at security as you travel and, it’ll come with you on all your adventures; be they hot, cold, wet or sandy.

The internet connection can be sorted based on where you choose to stay.
Most places these days have wifi, but it’s always worth checking at booking; especially if you’re heading somewhere a bit more remote. Digital nomad community hubs will always have good internet access so keep an eye out for these. You can also help with internet depending on the phone package you have; sometimes using it as a hotspot.


Physical digital nomad essentials other than this include that which you would need on a holiday.

These include:
– An international money card (Revolut is our favourite)
– Quick-dry travel towel – sounds like an odd one, but when travelling it really is an essential
– Solid toiletries (e.g. soap, aftershave) – these are a game changer!! You can get shampoos & conditioners too and just makes it so much easier to travel with
– An extension cable + a multi country adaptor – we would argue this is also crucial, saves you having to carry around 5 adapters

These extras are dependent on taste, but overall I would say as long as you have a laptop, a passport, a phone and the means to access money you are all set!
Everything else you can sort as you go.


Less Obvious Digital Nomad Essentials

The less literal digital nomad essentials can be harder to put your finger on.

I guess what I mean with this are things like attitude and mentality.


– Adaptability

The nature of trips is that unfortunately things can go wrong!

Have a think about your most recent trips; I would be surprised if they went completely to plan. Delays, lost luggage, illness etc.

Have an awareness (not an anxiety!) that these things may happen and be prepared to roll with the punches. At the time it can be very frustrating but in the end it will probably end up as a good story to tell!


– Positivity

Everything will work out in the end! A negative attitude won’t help anyone.

Be realistic but be sure to put an upbeat spin on things and take the time to appreciate the little things as you go.


– A Degree of Extrovertedness

I love a bit of time to read, watch Netflix, run or explore by myself as much of the next person and if these introverted activities fuel you definitely make the time to charge up.

However, I think when travelling one of the ways to make the most of the experience is to branch out, chat to new people, do things and go to places outside of your comfort zone. Although where you are will make a lot of memories you’ll often find yourself thinking about the personal connections you make.

Put yourself out there!


– Determination

This is important in all walks of life.

I included it in this quick list almost as a reminder to make sure you are putting the work in to generate that passive income. Have the determination to put a bit of work into your routine each day and get it done so that you can take the time to do all those fun and relaxing things. I’m bad for procrastinating too but it’s worth finding ways to get things done!


– A Support Network

Regardless of friends you make and who you’re travelling with sometimes you can feel lonely and get homesick. Having people on hand that you can talk to about thoughts, feelings, and recent adventures is probably one of the digital nomad essentials that I couldn’t live without; family, friends and even us here at the DNF!


So there you have it; a whistlestop tour of some digital nomad essentials. If you think of anything we missed out or have any questions, feel free to get in touch!



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