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How To Design A Great Website

Websites have become a crucial part of our everyday lives. As the standard of websites increase, so do the consumers’ expectations. There are millions of websites out there. When it comes to designing a good website, one thing that’s sure to reduce those pesky bounce rates is a well thought out design.

The first step to mention is that there are lots of Content Management Systems out there, which tend to cost £15-20 per month. Each of them are particularly strong for different offerings. It is vital that you have a platform which translates well to your offering.


Potential Website Platforms

– Ecommerce: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce

– Portfolio/Gallery: Squarespace

– Blogs/Services: WordPress, Wix


These platforms also vary in complexity. If you would like something ready made then Wix or Squarespace are great. If you would like to be able to customise freely then WordPress, Magento or Shopify would be better suited for you.



Things to consider when designing a good website:


1/ Brutal simplicity of thought

Imagine someone has never come across your offering before, without any insight, because this is what will happen.
Reduce the clutter and educate the end user in a logical way.
You wouldn’t expect a child to write a book without first teaching them how to write.


2/ Hierarchy of messaging

What are the most important things that you would like someone to remember about your site?
If you have lots of offerings contained within your website, then introduce them with short punchy sentences that entice the user to follow that particular path to discover more as their interest develops.
This process is strengthening the lead at each stage.


3/ UX/UI

User experience and User Interface are more crucial than ever.
The information should be laid out in a clear, logical and digestible way.
Information and Call To Actions all over the page will confuse the user. So strip it back to the core journeys.


I hope that this provides you with some further clarity on designing a good website. If you have any further questions or queries, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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