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We Are All Creatures Of Habit

They say that we are creatures of habit, but only recently have I realised the extent to which we actually crave the safety and security in habit.

We develop habits to create that knowing, that safety, that security of life being predictable. Life is not predictable so we try to make it so, to live in wilful ignorance of the unknown.

But what lies in the unknown?

Infinite possibility.


Whatever you want to exist in the unknown, exists.

And it’s accessible.

Yet we avoid it because it’s scary stepping into the unknown EVEN if we know what is on the other side is amazing.


Our ego chips in with limiting beliefs of not being good enough, not being worthy, incapable, ridiculous for even imagining we could do such a thing. Our ego does this to protect us, to keep us safe, from the unknown.


Recently I’ve started calling out my ego.

When I notice it piping up, creating resistance to something, (even though I know it will be good for me and amazing) I have started to actively defy it.

Noticing that it’s just ego chatter trying to keep me safe, thanking it, then doing the thing anyway.

Breaking the cycle.

Breaking the habit.

Doing something different.


It could be as simple as exploring a new coffee shop (once social distancing allows for it), trying a different place to work out, a different type of meditation, going somewhere new where you know nothing there, exploring.

Even if it’s tying your left shoelace first instead of your right.


It creates new pathways in your brain, which enables your inner world to grow and those infinite possibilities feel a little more possible than impossible.



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