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The 1-7-30-4-2-1 Content Method

We’ve recently had a lot of changes happening in the business since we’ve all got back on board, working together in the business. One of the big things we had to sit down and take a look at was our social media schedule and content plan. Creating a content calendar enabled us to look at what type of content we wanted to produce, and how we wanted to distribute that content to our audience.

We’ve shared with you for years little snippets of our travels via Instagram and told stories through our blogs. However, as we are operating as a business, we decided we need some structure.

We wanted to share our content marketing plan/structure and our process with you so we can give you real time feedback about how it is working, and what is not working.

As with any ‘nomadic business’, structure often lends itself well to the enable the lifestyle. By having a structure, it also means if any of the team members are travelling in a remote location and signal is fleeting, someone else is able to step up and step in to ensure all bases are covered, all the time.

In our monthly meeting, I had suggested the 1-7-30-4-2-1 method.

“What on earth is that?” I hear some of you say! Well, let me explain.

This is a really great method for you to essentially ‘fill in’. It’s super simple, and extremely effective.

The Content Plan

1 – Daily Posts.

What are you posting daily for your audience?

We decided that Instagram posts and stories are a good platform to post and share daily. We like using Instagram as the base platform for this as you are able to share to you Facebook page, Twitter and Tumblr with ease. So all your daily bases are covered.


7 – Weekly Posts.

This is usually a good timeframe to share blog posts.

Consistency is Key.

We actually ended up opting for two blog posts a week because we had an overwhelming amount of content to share. While we are in our growth phase, we thought it may be a good idea. (We will keep you posted!)


We’ve pretty much got these first two steps down. Now this is where the grand plan comes in for the next few months.

When introducing new systems and social content, it can be difficult. Especially when you are all spread all over the world! But bear with it!
At one point, everything will click into place.
There will be lots of trial and error, but that is the beauty of growing your own business, you get to play with what works and what doesn’t.

You can’t fail, you just have to be willing to try!


30 – Monthly.

Our grand plan is to deliver a monthly video, to anyone signed up to our email list. Sharing relevant content whether it is travel based, mindset, or business oriented. Anything that may bring value to our followers.


4 – Quarterly.

Whether it’s a newsletter, or a video update, an update of the happenings over the last quarter, and setting intentions for the next quarter. It’s always good to keep on track by reviewing things every three months.

We are focusing our quarterly update on the business side of things.
New innovations, changes in the marketing world, we want to be transparent and bring as much value and support as we can to our followers.


2 – Bi-Anually.

Something you can do twice a year to boost engagement? A competition with a high value give away!
Whatever it is that you have to offer, or maybe you can collaborate with a complementary business or entrepreneur and drive traffic to each other?

We’re actually running one on our Instagram now so be sure to go and take a look!!


1 – Annually.

Something that can be done once a year, possibly an annual review. Where you travelled to? Big lessons in business? Business goals? Mindset shifts.

This is a really lovely way to not only look over and appreciate your last year in business and growth, but it’s a great way to share that with your audience.
End of year newsletter? Or you could run with the idea of ‘The Queen’s Speech’ and share across visual platforms too as a summary.


It goes without saying, but make sure you write this down somewhere. Have it all laid out (we have ours on a spreadsheet), with a timetable, plus extra tabs that go into detail on each section.

You may be thinking ˜well that’s just a faff” – it’s not, we promise!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to sharing our journey with you!

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