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Comparison Cleanse

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

I was going to talk about how growing up in the modelling industry can cause you to scrutinise yourself and compare yourself to others. But then I realised, as a woman I have learned to grow up and compare myself to others. As a HUMAN, I have grown up comparing myself to others. It is not something unique to me, when speaking to friends or colleagues, male or female, we ALL feel it to some degree, at some level.


I have been insecure, constantly scrutinised my body, constantly comparing myself to others physical bodies, thinking I was ‘less than’ and always striving for what could make me more attractive or accepted. Thinking that other people were more interesting than me, made more money than me, had a better career than me. The list goes on and on and on, and we are all guilty of it.

It seems to be how we station ourselves in society; against other people. Who is ‘better’ and who is ‘worse’. We find our place and the feeling of safety returns. Even though you aren’t happy with your place, you accept it because you know your place, and that feels safe.


I recognised this and hated the feeling. I hated that society had progressed by ranking people, because who says what is better and worse. Who gets to make that call?


We do.



And if WE are the ones giving the power to the hierarchy, then we are also the ones with the power to change the way we think and feel about it.


So, I decided to do a comparison cleanse. To call myself out every time I made a negative judgement on my self, or anyone else. Any time I compared myself to anyone or compared people to one another. Then simply corrected it. Have compassion for myself or that other person. To recognise that we are all just trying our best.


Society had become so accepting of judgements and comparisons in media that I really started to notice how easy it was for, not just me, but other people to cast judgement.


When I made the conscious decision to eradicate this from my life, my perception of myself changed. My perception of others changed. 

I finally felt free and able to find love for myself, for being myself.


The older I get, the more I become unapologetic about it, and I LOVE it.


I’ve learned that no one else’s opinion of me actually matters. As long as I come from a place of love in my actions, and am constantly striving to be a better human over having a better body, I can’t actually go wrong.


I challenge you today, to be a little vulnerable, to get on the comparison cleanse band wagon, and stop comparing yourself to others. See how radically you can fall in love with yourself through kindness and compassion ?



Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Let us know how your comparison cleanses go!

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