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Breaking the Mould

Many of us grow up feeling the need and want to fit in. To fit in with our peers, our family, our friends. We learn to gauge our pace in society because as humans we find comfort in structure and routine and knowing. However, if you are reading this blog the chances are that you have the desire to break away to some extent, free from society’s expectations of how to make money. To begin breaking the mould.

Over time, the more and more we have looked into the ways that we are expected, or conditioned  to live, the less it makes sense to us.
Over time, we have come to the realisation that we are not here to fit in.
We are here to be ourselves. Truly ourselves.

So what we would say to you is this. You don’t need to fit in.
The desire to fit in comes from a place of desiring comfort, but actually, if you look at your passions, what you are naturally good at, what sparks joy within you, these are unique to you.
We may have crossovers in passions, hobbies, but your personal collection of loves and wants, is unique to you.
So embrace them.
The more you embrace them and the more you feed them, the less you will worry about fitting in.
Because at that point you may come to realise that find happiness within yourself. Without the desire to comfort the way that society has taught us to.

This is a wonderful space to be in.
To learn that in breaking the mould, you create so much more space for creativity and joy.
Maybe you start your own business fuelled by passion and joy.
This is how our whole family adventure into the online marketing world & becoming ‘digital nomads‘ was sparked.
By an ember of our Dad’s joy that caught fire and we are all now contributing to fuelling. 

When you worry less about fitting in, and focus more on adding fuel to your own fire, that is where you will find your happy place.

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