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Our Personal Brand Evolution

Branding (and brand evolution) is becoming ever more important, as we’ve touched on before, especially with more and more people moving into the nomadic and lifestyle business space. 


Our personal journey as a business started in 2012, as a dream of our Dad’s. With Dad’s personal expertise lying in SEO and analytics, the back end of our site was the primary focus. It HAS to be functional in order to deliver results and with his other business, he has a team dedicated to website building.

Therefore, the vital images and information was put in place, without too much thought into brand identity as a whole, because well, at that point we were a business not a brand.


Over the years, we have all chipped in at various points along our journeys with Ella streamlining everything and giving a little facelift to our aesthetic and completely overhauling and taking the reins on the blog. Sam, with his design skills designed a logo inspired by travel and the 5 pillars of our family.


If you look at our simplified logo, it looks like a mountain, made of ripples of water or waves. This was a deliberate decision to cover the travel aspect of our brand. The larger logo is actually comprised of 5 mountains, each mountain to represent one of us. It needed to be clean and simple yet represent the wanderlust that drives us all. 


In terms of our chosen colour palette, it started with Dad’s unwavering love for the colour blue and evolved from there. We have since opted for 3 primary colours, one of which is our call to action colour, and then we have added 2 support or secondary colours to add depth and a feeling of quality to our site.

We are in the process of integrating everything at the moment and bringing in a new layout and format to the site and across our social platforms. We can’t wait to show you the new site and take you on this journey with us!

All we can say is, watch this space!



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