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Healing. Growth. Purpose.

We could all look to a little self improvement every now and then, whether that be breaking a bad habit or challenging yourself. A little bit of self improvement helps you heal from the past, grow as a person and helps you to determine your purpose. Basically, a...

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Travelling in Canada

Travelling in Canada, Where to Go & What to Do Travelling in Canada is something I would urge anyone and everyone to do at least once in their lives. It quickly became one of my favourite places to travel to after my first visit - everything from the people to the...

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Best Travel App You NEED

The Best Travel App that You NEED to Have There's a million and one travel apps that exist now and there's a million and one people which is the best travel app you need. They range from anything like booking flights, finding hotels, how to get around your destination...

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Travel Tips for Cuba

Travel Tips for Cuba Cuba is most probably on everyone's bucket list There's something so unique and enchanting about it but often people don't know how to prep for such a trip to the 'unknown' so, I've created this list of travel tips for Cuba based off my experience...

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Bitcoin: Have You Missed the Boat?

Bitcoin: Have you missed the boat? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories flying around about people making millions on Bitcoin. Where are you on the spectrum? Is it the future of world currency or the dodgy domain of criminal gangs?   We first heard...

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The Digital Nomad Mindset

Mindset of a Digital Nomad So what is the Digital Nomad Mindset? If you’re going to change your life, you’re going to have to shift your current mindset a little bit to more of a nomad mindset. You will have to reassess the current sociological norms and stereotypes,...

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When in Rome

When in Rome... Formula E has been an amazing experience for me, and has meant I've been able to travel even further around the world. Working primarily as a digital nomad has meant that incorporating the work into my life has been so much easier, another opportunity...

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Things to Do in Porto, Portugal

Things to do in Porto, Portugal I had never been to Porto before, quite frankly I never thought it would be somewhere I would go - there's many other places that have found themselves above it on my list. However, after browsing the good old internet of the top places...

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Things to Do in Cuba

Things to do in Cuba Regardless of where you find yourself in Cuba, one of the first and best things to do in Cuba is just to walk around. Walking around and exploring the city is an absolute must. One of the most attractive things about Cuba is how different it is to...

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Things to Do in Lisbon, Portugal

Things to Do in Lisbon | Digital Nomad Family As some of you many know, in September 2017, we all went to Lisbon, primarily for a DNX Global Conference - more on that another time. It was a slight palava getting there, but we all made it eventually and it was an...

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Our Journey So Far | Digital Business System

Our Journey So Far... Our journey all started when Dad met Stuart Ross at a Digital Entrepreneur Dinner in 2012 at the Docklands, London. They got to talking and with in 24 hours, Dad signed us all up for Six Figure Mentors (SFM) in September 2012. Funnily enough it...

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