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Must See Places In Patagonia

Must See Places In Patagonia Today's post is a 'Part 2' of my must see places in Patagonia, if you missed part 1 click here to take a look!   Okay so… Day 2! Kayaking at Lago de Argentina!! I get an email in the morning saying it had been cancelled as there was a...

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Seasons of Change

The beauty of having four seasons is that it brings our awareness to change. Each season bringing new insight and showing us, in simple means, how we can take inspiration from it and apply to our own lives.   Summer to me is about abundance and relishing in all...

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Things To Do In Patagonia

Things To Do In Patagonia This trip was the single most pivotal experience I think I have had, and so I couldn't not share it with you all and give you my top things to do in Patagonia.   It was so short, only 4 days off the back of a work trip to Buenos Aires. I...

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Biohacking with Bulletproof

Biohacking with Bulletproof Biohacking is somewhat of a buzzword at the moment within the entrepreneurial world, the primary focus being 'how do we become more productive?' Our bodies are SO intelligent and effective at adapting, that the notion of ‘hacking’ our...

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Things to Do in Peru

Things to Do in Peru The newest edition to our 'things to do in...' series is: Things to Do in Peru !! Enjoy!   My trip to Peru couldn’t really have been more action packed if I’d tried! I had a grand total of 8 days there and managed to schedule something into...

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Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden It may sound dramatic, but I promise you, silence is golden.     “Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.” Khalil Gibran - The Prophet     I remember as a child, I’m not sure how old I would have been,...

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Things to Do in Rome

Things to Do in Rome ROMA!! There are SO many guides things to do in Rome with all of the usual tourist spots to explore but it can be very overwhelming. With a city that is filled with stunning architecture and bursting with history, it’s hard to know where to go...

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Things to Do in Mexico City

Things to Do in Mexico City To add the extensive 'things to do in...' series we seem to have going on, I thought I would add to it and give you my Things to Do in Mexico City - enjoy!     One of my favourite things about Mexico is the food! I could quite...

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Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating Stop Procrastinating - Easier sad than done, I know.   Procrastination. We all do it at some point or a another. Some of us are better at procrastinating than others. But, what we have found is that people procrastinate for two reasons...

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Things To Do In Ibiza

Things to Do in Ibiza If you are reading this thinking that Ibiza is solely a party island, you would be wrong. I promise there are many more things to do in Ibiza! This captivating island has so much more to offer than just great parties (which it does have!), it is...

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Travel Essentials For Flights

Travel Essentials Okay!! Lets talk travel essentials! Every person has their own routine or system when travelling or packing or preparing to travel. This is usually something that is refined over time, trip by trip, learning what makes life easier or more comfortable...

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Things To Do In Banff

Things To Do In Banff Although there is a small list at the end of this post of things to do in Banff, I wanted to share my adventures from my last trip with you in the hope it still may inspire you in the same way!     I ended up in Banff over the Canada...

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The 5am Club

The 5am Club The 5am Club - I promise it's not as bad as it sounds.   What is the 5am Club? Well it’s definitely not exclusive or members only, it’s actually very accessible. It is, essentially, getting up at 5am to get in your non negotiables for the day.  ...

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Bali for Digital Nomads

Bali for Digital Nomads Bali has become an 'it' place to go recently, completely understandably. But Bali for Digital Nomads is particularly special.   I am half way through my Bali nomad adventure and quite frankly, I can’t think of anywhere better to build a...

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The Importance of a Morning Routine

The Importance of a Morning Routine One thing I have recently learnt is just how important a morning routine is.   Whether you are a digital nomad, travelling a lot or an aspirational nomad, the importance of some form of a routine is paramount. That may sound...

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