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Bitcoin: Have You Missed the Boat?

Bitcoin: Have you missed the boat?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories flying around about people making millions on Bitcoin.

Where are you on the spectrum?
Is it the future of world currency or the dodgy domain of criminal gangs?


We first heard about Bitcoin, maybe, a year ago and the view we took was to look around and see what’s happening, investing a little to see what happens. We’ve used the past 12 months as research and here’s what we have to say.


We’ve followed 2 opportunities. A network group called Digital Entrepreneur that Dad belongs to, and an affiliate marketing network a couple of Dad’s contractors joined when Bitcoin was at 1.5k. 


So in terms of the Digital Entrepreneur group, MM SK & JJB have all invested heavily in Bitcoin and other currencies like ethereum and litecoin, but also lots of ICO startups (there are 100’s). 

Most were breaking even up until November, after which the growth in Bitcoin from 3k to 12k means they are now all in the £100k’s in terms of growth.


They have all realised their capital and are playing “with profits”.


RH invested in an affiliate programme and the added compound benefits that brings. Her £500 investment is now worth 3 coins or £36k, at the time of writing.


So we figure it’s worth investing.

And low key long terms is our approach…


So now you’re thinking you may not have missed the boat after all. But you’re left wondering how you get on board?

I.E. Where do you start?


Initially you will need a coinbase account, you can click here to sign up using our referral link. You will then receive a £7 head start. You can then start encouraging your friends to do the same using your own link.

Simply, set up the account. You will need to upload ID but it is fairly straightforward. N.B. Make sure to use the card option to transfer funds not the bank account option.

Add some funds, buy the bitcoin and you’re away!


Once you have set up your Coinbase wallet you can go ahead and join USI-Tech. Enter ‘dnf’ as your sponsor on their landing page. USI have set up an affiliate system where you have to know someone involved to get involved yourself, hence why you have to do it this way.


If you have any questions whatsoever let us know via social media or email us at

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Until next time!

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