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Be Less Judgemental

How to Be Less Judgemental

So often we allow our fears of judgement take control over our lives without even realising. One of the biggest fears that holds us back is the fear of judgement, ESPECIALLY when showing up online for your business. I know saying be less judgemental can be easier said than done, but hopefully this post will help.


The online world and representing your brand with your personal image is a relatively new thing. As a result, it can sometimes trigger a whole world of fears about being judged. 


“If I post this, what will my peers/friends/family think of me?”


“They will think I am vain.” “They will wonder why I am posting this or speaking like this.” 


These are all completely natural fears, as we are being exposed to judgement by putting ourselves out there. Unfortunately, it has become human nature to make judgements about others.


However, noticing this tendency to judge and desperately wanting to eradicate that feeling from our lives, we made a promise, to call ourselves out when making a judgement and correct the thought.


For example, you may find yourself walking down the street and looking at someone’s shoes and think to yourself “oh gosh how ugly are those shoes!” But catch yourself and look at them and reframe. “Those are unique shoes, that person must get a lot of happiness from wearing those.”


Yes, the example is a little basic, but you get the idea. The more you do this, you reprogram your brain to appreciate each individual in their uniqueness rather than putting them down in a judgement.


And “what is in this for me?” you may be asking yourself?! 


The result of reprogramming your brain like this is that you become more accepting of yourself.
You judge yourself less. You are kinder to yourself. Because you realise that we all have our flaws and our quirks and our beautiful imperfections, and that is okay.

It is wonderful that we are surrounded by such contrast and such a unique, eclectic world of people, each bringing their own flavour to life.



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