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Authenticity in Business

Authenticity and ‘authenticity in business’ are being thrown around left, right and centre at the moment but what does it actually mean?
And how can this serve you in business?

With the online space becoming more and more saturated with so many masters in their field, how do you set yourself apart? What makes people want to follow you and work with you?



adjective: authentic

  1. of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.
    “the letter is now accepted as an authentic document”
  2. made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original.
    “the restaurant serves authentic Italian meals”
  3. based on facts; accurate or reliable.


Synonyms: genuineness, originality;


Why authenticity in business is so important?

From personal experience, in order to cultivate and project authenticity, you must first know yourself.
Really take the time to understand who you are as a person, for all of your amazing qualities, and all your ‘flaws’.

Take the time to understand what triggers you, your likes and the things that set your soul on fire.

The more you get to know yourself, and are kind to yourself, understanding and compassionate towards yourself as a human, being the best version of themselves they possibly can be the closer you get to authenticity.
Because you are expressing your most authentic self.


People don’t want to follow perfection.
They want to follow real humans, and understand where they came from, their dreams and aspirations.
More importantly, they want to see the journey. 


So be open.
Step outside your comfort zone.
Be courageous and wear your heart on your sleeve.
Be vulnerable. 


People don’t want to be sold to.
They don’t want to be made to feel they are falling short of a lifestyle they feel is outside of their reach.

They want to feel seen and heard and understood.

The journey isn’t always easy, so having a leader, an example, show their ‘flaws’ and show up authentically is what will ultimately help you to connect with you audience.
Your niche or target audience may not be who you thought they were, but by showing up authentically, you will attract the right audience for YOU.

Who want to hear what YOU have to say, over anyone else.



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