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Algonquin Adventures

If you’re visiting Toronto, it’s a fabulous city with wonderful food, great nightlife and plenty to keep you entertained for a trip. (This I’ll cover separately in another blog) But today, I’m going to be talking to you about my adventures in Algonquin.


BUT if you get the chance, there are some really beautiful nature spots in Ontario that I would highly recommend if you fancy a bit of a nature adventure and are down for a bit of a road trip, perhaps a little camping?!


Algonquin Adventures

So a friend and I decided to do a road trip driving from Montreal to Toronto, via Algonquin Park.

We had no idea what to expect, and in true fashion to us, we left everything to the last minute and ploughed through the first part of the drive at night, ending up staying in a motel (because we hadn’t brought our blow up mattress for the SUV yet) which quite frankly reminded me of something from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’.

I can’t even remember the name of it, I blocked it out of my memory, clearly!

But that is not important.


NOTE Make sure you are fully equipped if you plan on sleeping in your car!!


We stopped off at a cafe for breakfast en route to Algonquin and our waitress recommended a natural water park that we could go to when we arrive.

Something I’ve learnt when travelling is ALWAYS chat to the locals, they always know all the best spots that are off the beaten track.


Bonnechere Caves was next en route which was so beautiful!

We ventured through the woods and walked up to the water, took out shoes off and played in the shallows, surrounded by nature and the sound of crashing water against the rocks.

Necessary stop off at Walmart to purchase camping supplies: blow up mattress, pump, food, BODY PILLOWS (best investment ever!!!) etc.


We continue the drive, singing along to country music to keep ourselves entertained.

We pull up to the rangers lodge in the Park and the nicest ranger comes to welcome us.

It’s pretty late and we haven’t booked a camping spot, (of course!) but he takes us to a spot that hasn’t been taken, we blow up our bed with a hand pump and put it in the back of our SUV! (car camping-so underrated)


We walk over to the dock and watch the sun go down over the lake then head to bed.


We wake up to a beautiful lake view!

Seriously Stunning!!


Today is the day we head to the secret water park. We drive past the entrance, but then finally find it, thanks to our waitresses written directions!

It’s about an hours hike through the woods to get to it. So sun cream and bug sprayed up, in our bikinis and short shorts, we venture into the woods.

As we are walking we pass a number of people walking the opposite way in FULL bug suits!!!

A little excessive, considering we are half naked!


We get to the spot and there is barely anyone there!

It’s a natural section of the river with plunge pools you can jump in and waterfalls you can slide down! It’s SO much fun!!!

We get out the water.

We get bitten to pieces and have to ask some soldiers, who happen to be spending their day off here, for some bug spray.

NOW we know why the people had bug suits!!!


You live and you learn hey!!


We headed back to the campsite, a few lbs lighter after all the bug chunks that got taken out of us!

The next day we spent renting a canoe and exploring the lakes in Algonquin, hoping to see some moose or bears…

We did not.


But we had a lovely day cruising around on the lake.

If you get a chance to spend some time in Algonquin in the summer, absolutely go for it!

You will not be disappointed!



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